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Hallo.Excuse my bad english,but i am from poland.

I like side very much.I jelq and strech for maybe 3 months and i wanted to add some squeezes to my routine.

What is better for girth?Squezzes?Ulis?Horses?

And how to do correct horses?

I am thankfull about every answer.


Try 2 weeks of horses. They tend to give a good girth boost in 2 weeks. I do horses with an overhand ok because I can grip closer to the base.

Uli’s /Sadsaks are good for improving girth near the head. They can help even out base girth gains from stretches.

I do a selection of girth excercises at the moment.

Start doing these excercises carefully and increase the intensity gradualy.


Thanks.But where can i find an instruction how to make horses correct?

In the FAQ which links to this thread.

Many thanks!

I need a good description on how to perform horses

Can somebody give detailed info on horse exersises

this thread is linked from the FAQ gives a good description from Mr Horse440 himself. Did you read it? If so please explain what portion you are having a problem understanding.

why slide down

why would you start at the top of the head and penis to slide down isnt this counter productive , would it not be better to start at the shaft then squeeze all the way up to the penis head

That wouldn’t be a horse :)

The point is to push as mush blood into the penis as possible and then cut off any flow (in any direction at the base) then increase the volume of blood in the shaft by squeezing the blood from the head into the shaft. You only push down with the second hand to just behind the glans.

There’s an x^n variations of horse kind of squeezes, I think. For example - I don’t slide the grip over my glans, instead of that I just squeeze penis’ head with my hand in order to make shaft bloods new apartment ;) . I think it has to be at least close to the efficiency that true horse gives.

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