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Hey folks,

I am a newbie who has been doing the newbie routine for 3 weeks. The other day i accessed some Uli info on girth exersises, which is my main area of interest. Is it okay to be using these advanced exersises if my dick is up to it? I’m currently 6 1/3 bp and 5 girth at the base, and eventually hope to get 7x5.5 with a decent sized head. I also read on another free site that 30 minutes of jelq’s a day is needed. Personally I think that would be too much. what do you think? Also what’s up with the PE site that claims results in 2 weeks from 7 minutes a day gauranteed?

Surely that’s BS?

Hey goforgold,

Sounds too good to be true? Yes it’s total BS.

Don’t do Uli’s, Horses and other squeezes at least for a couple of months since you started, give your dick a chance to adapt to the new stress of jelqing and stretching. PE is a long time commitment, don’t rush it or you risk an injury.
Yes, 30 mins of jelqing is reasonable (and BTW they are good for girth too), but if you feel it’s too much start with less time and reevaluate in a few weeks time. It is an individual thing and in time you will develop a feel of what’s right for you.

Meantime do a lot of reading and educate yourself.

Welcome and Good luck!

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