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Horrible Gainers


The trick is to always be trying something new; push the envelope. What works for one guy may not work for another. There are some guys who have PE’d for under a year and make amazing gains. Some need a few years. Keep at it and do be afraid to change it up or try something new. Good luck.

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Originally Posted by acer1683

Keep at it and do be afraid to change it up or try something new. Good luck.

You mean don’t be afraid……

Thanks guys for the very helpful input. Nice to find out there’s people out there helping us newbies. I personally find it the hardest part of PE is really motivating oneself and forging on, even when you don’t seem to see any results. Any ideas for a guy with a difficult job(doc with rotating shifts.can never seem to strictly follow a weekly program with this damn work!) It’s really hard for me to keep up with the schedule when spending 48 hours in the hospital and stuff.I certainly can’t PE over there!

Originally Posted by pipinglane
I have been pe ing for many years on and off and haven’t seen any gains….


same thing happens in bodybuilding.
You cannot put muscles if you train inconsistently.
I remember we used to say that to get bigger, bodybuilding must be the most important
things in your life.

And PE is more difficult than BB.
Having a good and regular routine is fundamental.

This is true in all fields of life.
If you want to became a Mathematics’s teacher, you cannot study it on and off. You have to study it
regularly for a long time.

Same thing with PE, if we want our penis get bigger badly enough we have to dedicate a good amount of time at it.

Not all guy may develop a body like Arnold or Coleman and not all guy may have a penis of 8”x 6”
but all of us may improve what we already have.

rave_n_ever - try an ADS

Difficult to keep oneself motivated after couple of months without gain. I still believe: hanging + ADS + jelqs would bring gains to absolutely everybody. Another thing is perseverance, doing it once in a while is like not doing it at all. Also a minimum time/day is required ( I don’t have a number, but I would imagine 1min - 5min will not accomplish anything)

Damn you guys that sucks to hear for some of you. I have noticed some flaccid gains, some girth gains, not much length. I hope I don’t plateau off that would really suck. I hope everyone gets a big penis.

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Can’t help coming back with questions(sorry-ass newbie, that’s me).

I tried hanging for the first time yesterday.I tried to follow exactly the steps on the video provided by the site.still, my dick would slip off the wrap of cloth at the slightest pull(let alone attach a weight to the damn thing).I tried to do it just like in the video but to my disaster the wrap kept coming off, no matter how tight I tried to apply etc. I feel ridiculous! Can any of you guys help me figure out WTF I am doing wrong here?

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