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Horrible at kissing need help


Originally Posted by mrdstein
By opening her mouth so wide she could of had one or few of the guys here before - some 8X6 or even bigger

Braces huh? Doesn’t kiss properly? Is her name Emily? If it is, she DOES have a big mouth! :buttrock:

Man, I actually forgot how old I was the other day when I was at the Immigration office. Chick was asking how old I was and I just stood there like I was trying to find the deeper meaning in her question.

“30…31!,…30…” I have to admit it did look a little suspicious as I am applying for the visa. Maybe I will be back in the States earlier than I expected…!

Losing it as I get older!

Originally Posted by bonercat
Thanks for the reply fellas, I’ve only kissed one other girl before but this girl is pretty inexperiences like me.
One more question: What should one do with the tongues?

Twirl them together, massage her tongue with yours and vice versa. Whatever, just do what pleases each of you.

Originally Posted by kingja
Twirl them together, massage her tongue with yours and vice versa. Whatever, just do what pleases each of you.

This reminds me of my first kiss with my girlfriend.

I was not sure if she liked stuff like that so I just stayed lip to lip. But the moment I opened my mouth her tongue was half way down my throat :D After that day our tongues have been inseparable :)

Bonercat.When you kiss her try inching your tongue into her mouth. Don’t go all the way. She just might respond :)

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After class today we made out like the entire afternoon, then her roomate came in so I had to go. I think the tips you guys gave worked pretty well so thanks a lot. I also must add that she has exquisite breasts. hehehehehe


Age means shit. I’m 26 and never kissed anyone…

Dude, have you boned her cat yet?

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This thread is killing me - lmao.

Ok I have a new idea. If you can’t manage to get things straightened out with her, just send over here to us. We’ll get her turned around for you rather quick and have her packaged up and sent back in no time. You won’t even know she was gone.

Seriously though, her roomate came in and you left? Just when I thought things were going to get interesting. Heck maybe her roomate and you could have shown her few things. You could have explained that you only had her best interest at heart.

Next time, tell her roommate to get lost - or make a joke about her wanting to be in on the action, but you’re already taken…

Makes for better impression on the girl than skulking off like some kid that was caught smoking.


I hate when girls can’t kiss right, I taught god knows how many girls how to kiss.
I think when a girl opens her mouth wide and uses way too much tongue, its definitely a sign of over compensating for inexperience.

Oh yeah, and stop making out with her cat, and try making out with her now… :chuckle:

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Originally Posted by redwood
stop making out with her cat

I don’t think he’s been down south yet.

Bonercat — Congrats on the progress! :) Happy to hear it.

Please :donatecar to Thunder's Place to keep it running.

Thanks fellas, I plan on saving the boner for marriage so I’ll settle for groping now :)



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