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Horney goat weed causes indegestion

Horney goat weed causes indegestion

I have taken horney goat w/ maca before when I felt like my erections were lacking. It seemed to work great. I bought some more and have only taken it a few days but it seems to be causing me some pretty serious heartburn and a little upset stomach. I have also had headaches the last few days. I don’t remember this happening before but it started the day after I began taking them. My unit is working well when I’m not too sick feeling to use it.
Has anyone else experienced this?

I do have some things going own the last month or two that are causing me some stress. It just seems to be very coincedental that all this just started. I know some are going to say stop taking it and see if that helps but I really need to take it today, hehe.

Hey bloke, I’ve used both horny goat weed and a similar product called wyld (in Aust.). HGW has always been great for me and I react extremely quick to it. No side effects besides some hot flushing which I’m assuming can be expected. HOWEVER, wyld produced extreme side effects for me. Very bad headaches, rushing, heart racing and severe mood swings. I would assume this product had a different ingredient in it than the horny goat weed, I was guessing maybe caffine? Either way I won’t be using it again.

Perhaps trying a few different products just to compare?

This seems to be par for the course for products that improve erections: viagra and cialis have the same effect (although, for me, Cialis is much better). Have you tried Tongkat?

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7x5bloke: sounds like you got something with a bit of Yohimbe in it.

AverageJim: Horny Goat Weed works very well for me, after giving it a few weeks to build up, and I have noticed some minor heartburn once in a while, but none of the other symptoms you reported. Did you get the same brand name that you used before?

Yes, I got the same brand. I just got it from the drug store. You know, $10 for 60 caps. It is Horney Goat Weed with pure Maca. It actually worked well both times I tried it(even this one). It usually will work on the first day for me. It’s just the heartburn is terrible. I haven’t taken it now for almost 48 hrs. I think I’ll try it again today and stop at the first sign of the heartburn. What brand do you use?

I use 21st Century Laboratories:

Horny Goat Weed Extract: 500mg (standardized extract containing 10% Flavonoides as Icariin.)

Maca: 500mg

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