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Hoping to Continue 'Growin'

Hoping to Continue 'Growin'

Hello, Thunder’s Place!

This is my very first post here after over a year of PEing and lurking. Let me start off by saying this place is awesome — I feel as though I have had a chance to know many of you people on a personal level, it’s crazy. Anyways, I guess I am done lurking because I need some sort of motivation to PE consistently and more effectively.

I started PEing when I found this site in Jan 2008 after reading as much as possible about PE. I started with the newbie routine word for word for 3 months, then I started adding more stretching because I would like more length. Around May/June I had little/no time to PE because of school and work; only PEing once or twice a week. When I finished school in September 2008, I started with the newbie routine again, and I have been consistent since then. So now it’s been about a year of PEing on and off and I want to be consistent until I reach my goals. I will never quit PE, but dedication is key. Perhaps some gains would help me stay motivated! Suggestions regarding my next steps would be a major help. Here are my stats:

Start 1/29/08: BPEL 7.1” x 5.0” MSEG 5.5” Base Girth
Last Measurement: 1/29/09: 7.5” x 5.125” MSEG 5.75” Base Girth

I’ll stop when I’m satisfied, but I predict something around BPEL 8.7” x 6.0” MSEG. This week my routine looks like this and will stay this way if I see progress (gains or EQ):

Warm Up
- Heating Pad warm up for 10 minutes with fowfers
- Warm Damp towel warm up for 5 minutes

- 100-second stretch straight up
- 3 sets of 10 second holds in 9 directions (straight out, left, right, up, down, and diagonal)
- 25 fulcrum blasters [(A stretch) kegal hold for 5 seconds, then reverse kegal]

- 10 minutes at about 50-70% erection level with medium strength, palm down O.K. Grip

Warm Down
-50 kegels
- Heating Pad for 10 minutes

What do you think? I seek support from my PE brethren. Now that I am starting to post, I will feel more obligated to be consistent.
P.S. Thank You for providing an amazing forum Thunder, and all of you who make it better.


Started: BP 7.1" x 5" MSEG

Now: BP 8 3/16" x 5 1/4" MSEG , 6 1/16" BG (4/29/09)

Goal: BP 9" x 6" MSEG

Nice man. Glad to see you gained.

I’d raise the number of jelqs and the time on the stretches holds.

Originally Posted by marinera
I’d raise the number of jelqs and the time on the stretches holds.

Sounds good. That’s about 150 - 200 jelqs at the moment depending on how slow I go. Maybe I’ll go for 15 minutes next week. As for the stretches, the more the better I think; I am uncut so I find myself stretching the skin sometimes. I cannot pull the skin back far enough without causing extreme discomfort and pain.

Started: BP 7.1" x 5" MSEG

Now: BP 8 3/16" x 5 1/4" MSEG , 6 1/16" BG (4/29/09)

Goal: BP 9" x 6" MSEG

Great gains Osama! Your name is hilarious.

I understand jelqing, but for starting off should you hold your stretches 100 seconds?

I think your really on too something with working the straight up angle, more than any other, I think that would be good for me, if and when I decide to go more advanced! Also I think I’m going to throw in an extra 5 mins warmup!

Thanks Osama!

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