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Hoping I'm not too eager or over-working myself

Hoping I'm not too eager or over-working myself

I’ve been doing PE on and off since September 2 years back and I’ve still gained nothing. I am not as dedicated as I should be, starting off doing one hour a day for maybe a week and slacking until I’m doing 20 mins a day and eventually stopping all together. I’ve decided that I want to rededicate myself to this because I have never liked my size and increasing it will really help my self esteem.

For a week now I’ve been hanging with 6 pounds 1 1/2 hours a day, and it is starting to really hurt. I bear it and get through it, but I know that not going to help a lot, and can be harmful. I want to be dedicated and I know that some pain is normal, I just want gains, because if I don’t see at least some gain in 2 months, I’m liable to just give up again. Can someone give me some advice and any of these issues, tips on how to maximize growth, and your opinion on whether or not hanging is the most effective way to gain length?

It sounds like the best course for the time being would be the newbie routine and to hold off on the hanging. And where did you hear that pain is normal? Pain should not be involved in any PE routine.

Yeah I think you should do the newbie routine for the first 3 months, with the same dedication as you had in your first 7 days in the beginning.


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