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Hopefully inspiring some newbie

Hopefully inspiring some newbie

Hey guy’s, I’m by no means an expert. I am definitly still a newbie. But when I was starting out I was looking for someone to prove that this stuff works, through this site I decided to try it and maybe this can help some of you guy’s.

I kept hearing this shit wasn’t effective, or affective, whatever is proper so I am not to get suspended again. I heard it wasn’t permanant ( maybe it’s not, but I have missed days and it has stayed, contrary to the popular doctor comments saying the “swelling” is the cause of the gains which will subside in 2 day’s). But I thought, what do I have to lose…I am unhappy whatever. I actually started dry jelqing and it hurt but it got the glan’s pumped and moved some blood. Didn’t think this shit worked and I kept at it. I DID NO STRETCHES during the first month. I was alway’s as I estimate now 6.8 BPEL. I could never hit 7 even when the boner looked crazy, veiny and rock hard. So I decide to measure one night and barely bone pressed I’m 7. Basically NBPEL, honestly. This progress I can put towards one and a half months of slightly painful but inconsistant hard work. I could not believe it and describe how good I felt. I also noted that my dick was at my belly button while laying, and at the top while sitting…AND I am 6 foot 1.

After I saw how it does work, I did not even think these gain’s wont stick. I stretched for a solid month, no jelqs…I really don’t know why I changed I was hypnotized by wordy posts talking about the tunica stretch which I assumed would be more permanant then jelqs, still don’t know why. My BPFSL as i said in earlier threads was at 8.25 but my BPEL was still just over 7. I dont have much of a fat pad, but I switched back to just jelqing and I jumped almost instantly (don’t take that literally, it still took over a month). When I measured next I was 7.75 BPEL. Again, just jelqing i managed to increase my BPEL to just over 8. Hopefully this can answer a future thread or be reffered to if “Can just jelqing work?”—YES.

More importantly my fellow newbie’s, maybe you can’t gain…you are a rare breed. Most of us can gain, even myself a HUGE doubter and one who NEEDS scientific proof can attest to that. I don’t know if my grammar is all correct for you moderators but I hope some newbies read this and are relieved or whatever.

Great testimony

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Thanks for the input. Makes me want to incorporate jelqing into my routine. I have never been much of a jelquer. Maybe it could help me get some untapped gains.

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Man you are very lucky I am PEing like a motherfucker crazy, for a more or less 2 years, and still haven’t got a single inch in lenght, maybe 0.6, 0.7. I am now focus on stretch, because I am mainly jelqing, dry and wet. The good side it’s that my girth it’s getting at a good size! On a cold turkey (I have a moto accident, nothing serious, but my hands are sore and I still cannot PE)I measured yesterday, and there it was, 16,5 (6,5”) and 16 (6,25”)cm, switching, I did not believed and has done a toons of measure, I will wait a little more and measure again! It’s BG I am talking about.

You have 6.5” EG? If that is what it is it’s huge. My base girth isn’t even 6.5”.

Awesome post coal appreciated. Let me get this right though so you’ve gained just under an inch by this means, a month of just jelqing, a month of stretching then a month of jelqing again?

Am I right in thinking you gained little from stretching?

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

I have been doing PE for close to 5 months now. The first one and a half months to two were entirely jelqing. The next month and a little were all stretching. I would lay a thin pipe that goes to my universal gym set between my legs and stretch down over it. I think theyr’e called A-stretches. I felt a burn very good but no EL increased. I went back to entirely jelqing and still am and I got all my EL from that. The ONLY stretch I do now is bed fowfers and this is just to increase flaccid length.

Thanks for clearing that up. Im working on more of a stretch based programme at the moment but I acknowledge I need to get the jelqs in as well.

How long do you jelq for a session?

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

I try to go for atleast a half hour, I dont really warm-up besides I get full erections 3 different times during the session to just give myself a slight break and I feel like my tissues get looser. I’ll give a time frame of 35 minutes even though I go more for really pumping the glans more then duration. My only cool down is hopping in a hot shower.

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