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Hopeful Newbie at 45

Hopeful Newbie at 45

Hello every one I am new to PE and started on the 15/12/15 this is my first ever post I have found Thunders very informative and it has given me a more positive insight into the legitimacy of PE. My starting measurements were BPFL: 4.2” FMSG 4.3” BPEL 5.8” EMSG 4.7” I hav started the newbie routine 2 on 1 off. Obviously as yet no great gains if any a few sporadic EQ issues but nothing out of the ordinary from what I have read here; my goal is BPEL 7.5” and MSEG 5.6” for now, does this seem plausible any motivational comments welcome =)

Hi star45. Welcome to Thunder’s man.

Time and consistency is a must to gain. Alot of information here for free, active veterans and moderators always online … in short, we got your back.

Have nice one, ok?

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 7.8” x 5.0” (5.2" BEG)

My pictures

Welcome star45, I hope you Will see good result in 3-6 months,

Begining At 11.05.09: El 6.0" Eg 4.92"

Short Term Goal : El 6.5" Eg 5.2"

Long Term Goal : El 7.5" Eg 6.0"

Welcome and good luck with your journey! I am a newbie too and everyone here has been great in terms of giving feedback and supportive.

Ask any questions and they’ll be answered!

Goal 6 NBP x 5.25

Just started the journey

5.25 NBP x 5

Yes your goals are within reason. My advice is to use constant heat and really listen to your penis. Gains don’t come quickly but they do arrive. Stay safe, smart and healthy.

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

Thank You

Thank you all for your support I know it’s going to take dedication and time and I have done a lot of reading around PE both on here and on the web it’s so refreshing to find a forum that makes no speurious claims and isn’t about selling you something. I will defiantly take on board the advice about heat currently warm up for 5 using a cup and down at the end for 5 I can’t get away with a 30 min shower in this house (I’m a secret PE’er at the moment )

An hairdryer works nice for wamrp.

1.7” x 1” gain is pretty hard but no unheard of I think.

Yes I think it’s an ambitious goal but something to aim at; realistically I’d be happy with any gain if its perm infant would love 7 NBPEL but would like more girth really to be honest I’ll just crack on with the newbie routine and see what happens for now

Ok so just under a month of pretty consistent PE a few slips due to work and family commitments but consistent never the less; this is what I’ve found so far as I said before a few EQ issues but nothing that isn’t expected now getting reasonably regular morning or night wood not something I would usually get very often. I seem to be hanging heavier and flaccid length and girth seem to look bigger most of the time though I haven’t measured for a wile now and probably won’t until I hit the 6 week mark. I have recently noticed that constant heat while stretching and jelquing has a very positive effect and workouts with it seem much more effective. I’m hoping that there will be some gain by the 6 week mark I feel confident there will be. Happy PEing every on and I’ll up date again soon

Sounds like progress! Congrats!

You’ve discovered that consistency, attitude and heat are key to success. Well done!

:_pump: :donatecar

So thought it was about time to report in with my progress so far. It will be two months since I started on the newbie routine on Sunday 14 ironic as its Valentine’s Day; my routine which has been consistent is as follows

5/7 min warm up with a cup and as hot a water as I can stand.
10/12 mins of stretching: L,R, Down, straight out, Up, crank X 20 to the left and then to the right, V stretch x2 inverted V stretch x2 and BTC.
Each trench is held for 30 sec.

Wet Jelq using Ky; now at 25 mins each at 3/5 secs and mix it up with over hand normal Ok grip and inverted V jelq.

50 Kegels if I remember and then 5/7 min warm down with cup hot water.

So this is where I am not to sure if I have gained I have measured my BPEL and at times it can be a good 6.5 in at times and my NBPEL a good 6 3/8 in it can vary
My flaccid changes all the time but will often settle at 4.5 in; however, it can equally st right where it was when I started.

Now as for EQ again changeable I have had some epic erections when having sex to the point where it felt like it was going to burst but have also had occasions when masturbating when it’s been hard to maintain and not so hard. I do get regular morning wood and night wood though.

So I am not to sure where I am as yet maybe it’s to early to tell; I have been researching different extenders with a view to getting myself one any vets input would be appreciated.

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