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Hope for those with Peyronie's disease

Hope for those with Peyronie's disease

About 3 years ago, my penis started to develop an upward bend right in the middle of the top of the shaft. It’s a distinct kink that’s really only noticeable when I’m 100% erect.

I’m still not exactly sure what may have happened. But I do know that just before the kink appeared, I had had sex with my wife sitting on top of me and thrusting at an angle that was putting a bend in my penis. It felt a little strange, but it didn’t hurt so I just went with it in the heat of the moment. I never felt any pain later either. Anyway, within a week or 2, the kink started appearing (I first noticed it with morning wood). At first I didn’t know what to think about it, as I’d never any type of bend or curve whatsoever. But I soon became very concerned when it began affecting my sex life. The kink is very flexible, and acts like a hinge during sex, no matter how hard I am. I have to be careful with certain angles and positions or I may bend and pop out unexpectedly. Even the missionary position can be tricky unless my wife angles her hips upward or lifts up her legs.

I read everything I could find about Peyronie’s disease. The worst part I found was that there is no real cure (aside from surgery.. No thanks). However, it sometimes goes away naturally after 1-2 years, so I held out hope it would just go away. But after waiting patiently for nearly 3 years, nothing changed. And even more depressing, I recently discovered that I was .5” shorter than I was in my 20’s

I recently began searching the web for answers again, hoping to find a new cure. Fortunately, I stumbled upon an article on Livestrong. Com about stretching and jelqing. I was extremely encouraged to find that a Columbia University urologist is now recommending it for Peyronie’s disease sufferers.…ronies-disease/

Awhile back I had read about stretching and jelqing for straightening bends, but I just didn’t trust the practice without a professional recommendation. I was afraid I might end up making things worse. But soon after reading the Livestrong article, I had faith in it and began Thunder’s newbie routine. And now, after just one month, the kink has already been reduced substantially. It’s gone from about 22 degrees to probably around 10 degrees now. I’ve already I noticed a significant difference during sex. The kink isn’t nearly as flexible and EQ is way up. And I’m now already back to my original length from my younger days (6” BPEL).

I’m extremely encouraged by all this. I plan to keep doing the Newbie routine for another 2 months and report back. I certainly wouldn’t mind gaining some extra length and girth as well.

That is great news to hear things are getting better. I believe monkeybar has a device to help with a bent unit, but before you spend any money,
continue what is working for you, be determined and consistent make things happen. I felt for you when I first started to read your post, but as I
got to the end, I felt your excitement for the results you are experiencing. You must keep this Forum informed on the result you are getting from
the exercises you are doing in order to help other with the same symptoms.

I will ask that you document in detail what exercises you are doing, the amount of time you take to do these exercises, and how many times a day.

Caution, do not turn it up and stick to what is working for you. Whatever you are doing is working, don’t change a thing, sounds like what you are doing
is working just fine.

Keep a detailed log here, other members will appreciate it, this Forum will appreciate it as well.

Thank you Get_Unbent. Soon you user name will be Got_Unbent. Good luck and take care. I hope to read of your progress.
Tthis sounds like it can turn out to be a wonderful thread with great results.

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Thanks for the advice and encouragement, tntjockey. As far as my routine goes, I’m pretty much following the Newbie routine, with occasional JAI stretches as well.

I just recently read about Inverted V stretches. I thought it would be a good idea to do these as well, since it seems to target my kink area directly (as a type of reverse bend). I just started doing them a couple days ago and am feeling a little bit sore from the newness of it today.

Maybe you’re right. Perhaps I should just stick with the newbie routine for another 2 months and see what happens. Your thoughts?

My guess is that high forces could worsen the curve. A-stretches, or any kind of fulcrum stretches, can put a lot of force on a small area, so better you stick with the newbie routine untill you masterize how to distinguisf the feeling of a good stretch from a stretch with too much force.

Tntjockey ,, what device is out there for working on a curve ,, you said “monkeybar” has one ??

Originally Posted by king snake
Tntjockey ,, what device is out there for working on a curve ,, you said “monkeybar” has one ??

Don’t remember what it is called, but if you do an advanced search and read his threads
you will probably find it, you can google autoextender and that will get you to his web site.
From there you can leave him a message there or ask what he recommends, But in my
opinion, I would see what results Get_Unbent before spending money, because the stretching
devices are not cheap.

It’s been nearly 3 months since I began PE to correct my bent penis. I’d like to give an update.

Since my last posting, I gained another .25 inch, bringing me to 6.25” BPEL (.25” longer than in my early 20’s). As far as girth goes, I never felt like I got an accurate measurement in the beginning, as even today I struggle with maintaining a 100% erection while fumbling with the tape measure. But it’s clear to me that girth has increased some as well. My BEG is about 5.25” now, whereas my initial attempts to measure in the beginning were about 5” BEG.

The bend still exists, but only about 10 degrees now by my visual estimates. The bend spot itself has been stretched out to where it’s a smooth curve instead of an abrupt angle. Erections are definitely much stronger and sex has greatly improved. Even my wife has taken notice. For the first time in almost 3 years, she is able to be on top of me while I sit partially upright, reclining against the headboard (our favorite position, since she is able to orgasm easily and I have greater ejaculation control). The hinge/folding effect at the bend has been greatly reduced, though not fully eliminated so I have to be careful. There has been a few times where I unexpectedly flexed at the bend spot too much. I felt an instant nerve shock and struggled to stay erect. I just hope I don’t ever re-injure the spot after the progress I’ve made so far. I guess it’s just a risk I’ll have to take.

I want to further explain my bent penis situation to others out there suffering from Peyronie’s Disease. First, I’ve never been officially diagnosed because I’ve never seen a doctor for it. After everything I’ve read about it, seeing a doctor seemed pointless since most don’t offer any solution. Also, I’ve never had any pain and I’ve never felt any kind of lump or hardness at the bend spot (while either flaccid or erect). In fact, it’s been the exact opposite for me. In the beginning, I could feel a tiny indented line running perpendicular across the middle of the top of my shaft while 100% erect. I could literally stick my thumbnail into it. Nowadays, that indented line is no longer there. As I said, the abruptness of the bend is now more like a gradual smooth curve. It’s been stretched out, and is no longer as weak as it once was.

Even though I don’t have most of the typical signs, from everything I’ve read, it *is* Peyronie’s, though in milder form than others may have. It appears that I have the scar tissue, but never really experienced the plaque build up that usually comes along with it (if it’s there, it’s deeper in the tissues than I’m able to feel, which is possible from what I’ve read).

I’ve been reading the Peyronie’s Society forum online over the years and recently I posted a message for the first time. I figured I’d share my experience with others in order to give them hope for a possible alternative solution (I was already of the skepticism and negative feelings about PE exercises among those who manage that website, but figured I’d post anyway). Instead of being congratulated for my success, I got an extremely rude response from the moderator. My sincerity was immediately questioned and I was accused of posting a spam website link. The so-called spam link that they blocked was simply a link to the Live Strong article about stretching and jelqing for Peroynie’s (see my original posting here). I explained that I have nothing to sell, I haven’t spent a dime on anything myself because it’s not necessary since all the info is available freely online. I also asked them why posting a link to a health charity organization was considered to be spam. They didn’t respond. I later posted again, telling them that I thought that they were doing a huge disservice to the Peyronie’s community by immediately discounting all my claims of success with PE. Their response? All my postings were deleted, along with my account.

I’ll admit that it’s easy to be skeptical about PE exercises correcting Peyronie’s. There are tons of websites now selling stretching/jelqing videos and information, so I’m skeptical myself of any testimonies that I read where products are being sold. There really aren’t the many success stories posted online that I feel you can trust as being fully sincere (there have been a few on this board, but not many. I’m hoping to change that). Also, I must say that even the Live Strong article that originally convinced me to try manually stretching/jelqing now appears to have been somewhat embellished. The Columbia University urologist website only mentions using a mechanical stretching device as yielding possible results. I can find no quote from him, or any other urologist, that recommends manual exercises. Even still, I’m extremely glad that Live Strong mentioned manual exercises because I never would have had the nerve to try it without a doctor’s recommendation. And besides, if mechanical stretching has the doctor’s approval, why wouldn’t manual stretching work as well?

As far as my exercises, I’ve been following the newbie routine, with slight variations here and there. I do about 7-8 minutes stretching and 10 minutes jelqing. 2 days on, 1 day off. For the last 3 weeks or so, I started doing BTC stretches for my downward stretch, as it’s easier to hold for extended periods. I also typically hold it longer (at least a minute) than my upward and sideways stretches (30-40 seconds). For jelqing, I typically start out mostly flaccid and let it build up to a slight erection during the exercise. Also I’ve experimented lately with JAI, brief manual clamping, Uli, and even light Horse 440s occasionally.

I feel my easy newbie gains are now in the past, but that’s ok. I increased BPEL .75” in less than 8 weeks. .5” of that was original length lost from Peyronie’s that I quickly gained back, plus another .25” extra. I now consistently measure at 6.25” BPEL but haven’t seen any real gains in the last 4 weeks or so. I’m going to keep exercising though. The way I see it is, even if the scar tissue never goes away completely, the longer and thicker my penis is, the less effect it will have (sort of like adding additional bracing to a weakened support beam).

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Congrats G_U. There are other Pyeronie’s forums where you can share your first-hand experience I guess and as They say, time is a gentlemen. :)

Great to hear about your progress. I have a mild case of Peyronie’s as well that developed about 10 or so year ago. For me it’s the last quarter of my penis, where it bends to the left at about a 25 degree angle and slightly upward. Almost like a corkscrew, hah.

Anyway, I started PE about 1 1/2 months ago and part of my routine is pumping. Regardless of the angle I’d enter the pump the top left point of my penis would press against the pump, due to the corkscrew shape. Early last week I noticed that instead of the tip touching the pump, it was more along the top-left edge of the glans, almost from top to bottom. I didn’t think much of it but then the other day I when I got an erection I looked down at my penis and realized there was less of an upward curve. Much less of a corkscrew shape now. I thought I was crazy at first, haha. So over the last few days I’ve been checking and re-checking, and yes, there is less of an angle upwards. This, I see as a positive indicator that PE can help with Peyronie’s. This week I’m going to start focusing on diminishing that 25 degree angle as much as I can. I’m confident I’ll get it close to straight eventually and have my normal dick back.

Hope to hear more of your future updates as well.

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