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Honestly, how does the growth take place

Honestly, how does the growth take place

I am seeing some very impressive gains on my unit and I am very pleased with it. The erections are harder, penis gets red and I even probably gained a bit of flaccid hang (which was my initial goal actually)!!

But the GROWTH! How does it anatomically happen? How is it physically possible?! I have heard people and scientists say online that the penis is NOT a muscle, consequently physical permanent growth through manual exercises(PE) is impossible!

I guess the scientist community has lost a bit of my trust for sure. Because evidently PE DOES work and the penis CAN permanently enlarge! That’s great! But why do the scientists deny it? Why can’t they figure it out?!

Can anyone explain to me please(at least hypothetically) HOW does the penis enlarge?

Well it’s just like when you go and work out at the gym. When you lift weights it puts little micro-tears in the muscle. And your muscles repair themselves and get stronger over night. So when your stretching your penis it is doing the same.

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Constant ballooning and stretching of the penis breaks downs cells which later grow bigger and stronger than before making a bigger penis. Who said scientists doesn’t believe that it works. They believe it all right, but they would make a hell of a lot less money if we did natural PE. Think about it, enlargement devices anywhere from $100-$500. THen surgeries all the way in the high thousands of dollars.

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Thank you for the information.

I also think in many the length of the penis is limited by the ligament.
You stretch the ligament, the penis can get longer.

You jelq, you stretch the rest of the body of the penis.

Both in combination.

And don’t forget- by sheer will.


The penis has a blood supply anything with a blood supply can grow because the cells that make up the tissue are nourished better.

Also, the penis is a highly vascular organ, so bigger the arteries and veins become bigger the penis.

The penis contain chambers in the cavernosa, these fill up with blood and through PE exercise they get bigger.

The ear lobes and lips are capable of being stretched and get bigger through ear plates and lip plates often seen decorating the bodies of women in Africa. So by this penis growth is possible.

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