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Homemade Vibrators for Comparison

Homemade Vibrators for Comparison

I recently purchased a “mould your man” kit from a sex shop because of a crazy idea I had. Not too sure if this has been discussed on here before so if it has sorry. Anyways, as I was saying I bought the kit and made it up as per the destructions leaving out the vibrating part as it serves no purpose here. I did this for a few reasons, firstly because I can then look at the size of my penis objectively as it is no longer my penis and psychologically speaking it makes a huge difference. I
Went mad running around my home comparing this thing to fruit/veges and TV remotes and deodorant cans and it was a great experience because for the first time I could look at it how a chick might see it (size wise not desire lol). I strongly suggest it for the first reason alone it is a truly freeing experience, my second reason is to have a mold of the old me for comparison in my PE future. After my initial running around I put it away in a safe place and put it out of mind, a month later I took it out to compare with my gains and it is really cool, what looks like a few millimeters on a tape measure is a big deal when you have your old size sitting right next to your new one.FANTASTIC is the only way to describe the feeling of being able to look at your past in a 3d mold.

I am now PEing my butt off so I can make some good gains, it will also help me in the future if my woman finds my mold I will be able to flop the New Improved Me out and say “Which would you prefer now?”, can’t wait lol :)

Give it a shot and I am sure it won’t disappoint and will prove a useful tool for future reference.

I was thinking of doing the same with a Clone your willy kit. Is it easy to do? Did you have any trouble staying hard while making the mould?

Yes it was hard to stay up but it doesn’t take to long and with some “visual aids” it was fairly easy. But honestly it is great to look back and see that all the hard work really is making a difference, has been a huge motivator for me and I only made min about a month and a bit ago so seeing a difference so soon is awesome

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