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Homemade pump

Homemade pump

Hi all
I have seen from the internet some models of penis pump that use something like that of the blood pressure cuff:


Is it possible to use the bulb pump of the blood pressure cuff (used by doctors) to create vacuum? I have one at home but can’t understand how to do the trick..

Help please!

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The link you give has an illustration of the pump which as you know is the lemon shaped thingy .

Directly underneath that is something that looks like a screw head. That is the non-return valve which you need to hold the vacuum.

If you don’t have that and just have the bulb which lets air in and out at both ends then it is useless for your purpose. without modification

I don’t know how blood pressure compressors (that’s what we are talking about here) seal the vacuum. It might be a simple flap inside the ball that lets in air and then the flap closes to stop the air returning. If you have that then connect a piece of tubing to that end and push the other end over the dick tube nozzle and away you go. Releasing the pressure could be done simply by bending the idick-tube to one side, when air will get in at the base.

As a last resort if you don’t have a valve is to simply squeeze the rubber tubing to stop the air returning and then use a clothes peg on a double-bent part of tubing to stop the air getting back and hold it there with the clothes peg.
Alternatively put the rubber tubing in your mouth and suck.

It works OK but is a bit laborious and you then finish up buying a pump.

That’s what I did.


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