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Homemade Penis Pump

Homemade Penis Pump

This post is to supplement another thread I saw on how to make a homemade penis pump, I can’t find that thread anymore.

I had troubles finding Plasti Dip (it is 2 words), but eventually did find it, it comes in a spray can, and here is what it says on it:
Multi purpose rubber coating
Insulates: electrical shocks, vibrations, heat, deadens sounds
Grip: provides non slip comfort and control
Automotive: prevents corrosion of battery trays
Rv and marine: weatherproof paper maps
Slip proof running boards

If you can’t find plasti dip I bet any sort of plastic / enamel type spray would work.

In home depot it is in the paint section, look for appliance enamel type spray cans, and it will be close to there. If you need help finding it use an excuse listed above.

I didn’t realize this, but the color of the cap is the color of spray. Mine is black (didn’t realize there were colors), I would have preferred clear but the black seems fine.

I bought 2 different siphon gravel aquarium cleaners, one came with a ball pump and a valve, but the tube will be too short I think, so I bought another one that had a longer tube.

The bottom of the tubes that will suction around the base of your penis are kind of rough, this is how I made them nice and smooth:
Sand with 220 grit sand paper
Sand with 320 grit sand paper
Sand with 400 grit sand paper
(If you don’t have a variety of sand paper handy, you could get away with just 1 grit anywhere from 100-320 probably, the plasti dip will make it smooth.
Spray plasti dip into a bowl so it’s about .25 - .5cm deep, then dip the base of the tube in. Hold it for 2 minutes with the base down, then dip again, repeat about 10 times.

I also bought some of the smallest hose clamps at home depot to reinforce any hose connections I make.

I am new to clamping so I don’t know if this is typical, but the only problem with this is even with the plasti dip on the base of the tube it still hurts a bit as I suck out all the air (still havent gotten the hang of water pumping) and the tube gets pulled into my body, I have plasti dipped it like 20 times now, and it does help, but if there was something like plasti dip but had a little bit more give to it that would be perfect.

Any advice on how to get the base of homemade tubes really good?


You could try some insulating tape. It usually comes in a roll of black plastic which has a powerful adhesive Fold that around the botom of the tube and it should provide a smooth edge for you.

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You should be able to find some rubber gaskets at a hardware store. In the plumbing section maybe. I found some when constructing a home made pump out of a Gatorade bottle, some fittings and a small piece of hose. Used my mouth for the suction. There are different types of gaskets though. I found one that was about a quarter inch thick and somewhat spongy. The harder rubber ones won’t be any help at all.

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