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Homemade jelq rollers

Homemade jelq rollers

Hey guys, I came up with a great solution for jelq rollers.You only need about a 6” long piece of PVC tubing used for the rollers and a wooden dowel to fit inside the PVC tubing for your handles.

First, you cut the PVC in two pieces about 3” inches long.

Second, you cut two dowel pieces long enough to fit through each PVC piece and extending far enough out each side approx.4” inches allowing for grips.

Third, drill a small hole on each side of the wooden dowel and put in a cotter pin to prevent the PVC tubing from sliding back and forth.

This completes your homemade rollers. When it is time to use them you can put a small bit of Vaseline on the PVC portion.You determine the pressure of the jelq by varying your grip/ squeeze on both rollers as you jelq.

This works great and is a great alternative to manual jelqs.

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