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Homemade cheap masturbator sleeve that has PE benefits

Homemade cheap masturbator sleeve that has PE benefits

Hey guys,

I came across something pretty awesome yesterday.

I made a masturbator sleeve that was so tight at the entrance.. Once you got in it basically clamped the base of your penis.. It was looser around the penis but the entrance is super tight at the base(Not TOO tight.. But I am 5”MEG). Once I was sliding it up and down it basically jelqed my penis.. The tight part would slide from the base to under my circ scar and bring all the blood with it.. Plus it felt really good.. I would compare it to the butt fleshlight sleeve.

I have a Wii at my house and the little sleeve for the remote gave me the idea.. It has a tight hole at the top of the sleeve..

Here’s what you need.

1. A Wiimote Sleeve

2. A sock (Lowcut probably the easiest.)

3. A condom or rubber glove

4. Lube or lotion.

5. Scissors.

Okay so here’s what to do.

Step 1: Take the wiimote sleeve and the scissors (Don’t worry you won’t be damaging the sleeve.. No one will even notice you have done anything to it.) At the top of the sleeve there is a little hole where the sensor peeks out when the controller is in.. It if very tight.. So take the scissors and cut about a half inch slit in the top, the bottom, the left, and the right.. + Similar to a plus sign. After you are done you should be able to slip 2 fingers through the hole no problem.. If it is still too tight.. Cut the slits a little longer.. But not too long to where it tears all the way. Get to where it will be comfortable to fit 2 fingers in without pain on your fingers.. Yes it will be a little too tight on your penis.. But not enough to cause pain.. This is the key to the PE benefit.

Step 2. Take the sock and cut a little hole at the end (about the size where your middle finger can peek out.. But not go all the way through)

Step 3. Put the rubber glove on your hand, then put your hand in the sock with the glove on. Poke your middle finger through the hole and grab the glove and pull it so the tip of the middle finger of the glove is sticking out the sock hole.. Hold onto the finger and take your hand out of the glove carefully so the glove is still inside and the finger of the glove is poking out the sock hole. Take the scissors and cut the very tip of the finger off so there is a hole (This creates suction)

Step 4: take the wiimote sleeve and put the sock(with the glove inside) inside the wiimote as if it were a wii controller. Take the part with the finger sticking out and poke it through the bottom of the wiimote sleeve (there should be a little flap on this side.) make it so the finger is sticking out the bottom of the wiimote sleeve. Now take the other side of the sick (with the base of the glove where you put your hand in) and stick it through the very top hole we put the slits in earlier. Be very careful to keep the glove and the sock together and not let the glove disappear into the sock or come out of the sock too far.) You will soon start to see why the lower cut the sock is.. The easier this works.. Try cramming a tube sock in there.. Not gonna work. Now you should have the finger tip witht he hole sticking out the bottom of the sleeve, and the hole where you stick your feet( or hand in the glove) in the sock sticking out the top hole Now fold the rim of the sock back around the sleeve and then do the same with the glove. ( It should now look like a butthole! Ha ha) lube up your finger and put a finger in.. It should be pretty tight but should slip and slide with the lube..

Now your ready to try it. Very important.. Get your penis erect before you try to enter it.. And I mean it needs to be stiff. Trying to enter it with a pliable penis is bad news.. You could jam your penis down into it’s self. So make your your very stiff. Make sure the sleeve is very lubed up and put a bunch of lube at the entrance so when your penis enters it coats the whole sleeve as it pushes in. Lube up your penis very well and stick it in. It will be tight but once your in it should feel comfortable. Now do your thing.. Wrap your hand around it like you were masturbating without it and it adds tightness where your hand is squeezing. If you put it balls deep or as far as your can go.. It squeezes the base similar to a clamp or ULI. Let it sit at the base for a bit then slowely slide it up, it will jelq as you do this. Then on the way down it jelqs the blood back down so it really works your shaft. You can masturbate as normal with it and it really feels like a PE workout.. When you finish and pull out your penis it will look very plump and pumped up (like you just used a penis pump) that’s why I believe it has PE benefits.. Also once you have it on and you go a little limper it is tight enough to stretch your penis if you pull out. Another benefit is kegels. You have the sleeve all the way covering your penis and let go.. It will make your penis heavier. Now if you kegel it will lift the entire sleeve with your penis up and down.. Comparable to towel raises.

So here are the benefits I have found

-Pushes blood around similar to jelqing while not being too tight (To me.. Remember I am 5 MSEG.. If you are bigger maybe try making the slits larger or adding diagonal slits.
-Works like a ULI or a clamp while the tight entrance is around the base of your penis.
-Gives some weight to kegel with
-While 50% erect or lower with it on.. It can stretch the ligaments really well
-When done the penis looks plump and pumped similar to when using a pump
-Feels really amazing!

So have I found the holy grail of PE? A device where you can do your entire routine while inserted into it. You can warm up (it definitely warms your penis cause the sock),stretch, jelq, clamp, ULI, kegel, edge, masturbate and it feels really good and it’s fun!

Once your done you just take it apart, throw away the glove or condom.. Put the sock in your sock drawer ready to use again ( so you don’t have to cut a hole in a new sock everytime.) and put the wii remote sleeve back.. No one will even notice you did anything to it.


It needs to be a sleeve like this


You need one with large holes on the side not holes just for the buttons. (Otherwise you can’t get the sock in)

This is the exact one I have. It even has little ribs all over it that feel good as well.

The one I have comes with each wiimote you buy. If you don’t have a wii.. Go to walmart. You can buy the sleeves very cheap.

I recommend getting this exact one


Have fun and let me know if you have questions.

I am taking pics to document the steps. Hang tight.. I know it can be confusing.

Tempting to try. Although I doubt I would ever put it back in my living room after using it like that!

Now that he mentioned a Wii… Why not a Wii compatible “fleshlight” controller, which allows you to do sex games.

Like I have said.

After you pull the sock and glove out.. It’s not even noticeable that you did anything.. Even the slits at the top don’t show. Maybe give it a good cleaning.

So you basically created a sex toy. Lets not try and pass this off as a ‘PE jelqing tool’ Haha.

I just said it seems to have PE benefits..

Don’t say anything until you have tried it.. It’s tighter than any sex toy.

I bet your Wii controller wouldn’t be so comfortable in it’s sleeve from now on. :P

I wouldn’t write it off as a plausible PE device without trying, but I really wouldn’t try it at all, because I really enjoy jelqing.
Good job on the ingenuity though. :)

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Wish me luck! :)

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