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Home made ADS in this style done before

Home made ADS in this style done before

I’m begging to get ready to start a new PE routine. So I’ve been looking around the forums for new techniques, inquiries and advice. And decided I want to try to give an ADS system a go. Being the poor bastard I am I’ve decided to make my own. However with the constant fear of hurting my Willie I’ve turned here first for some advice and premonitions on my design.


Here is a break down of my design. Part 1 is a Cable clamp I have laying around, it with some bicycle inner tube will fit snugly behind the glands. While being pushed up by part 2 a cylinder of PVC cut to fit my member. Finally part 3 a soft rubber or plastic gasket for comfort. So that leaves to ask, has this been done? Is there a write up on how to do it?

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hmm, while that may work, there are other designs that I personally think would work better, more reliable, and are more stealth.

I use a home made ADS and have done on and off for the last couple years, however it has only been the last 3 months that I have worn it every day for 8+ hours.

There are several threads here at Thunders that give good descriptions of home made ADS, some of which are far better than others.

I personally like the vacuum version of ADS devices. Simple home made ones do not require cable clamps or gasket material. A sample parts list would be:

1 plastic cap (35mm film canister for example thou that is too small in diameter for me)
1 cut off finger of a vinyl surgical glove (size large). cut the tip of the finger off also so you have a cylinder
some electric tape to tape the finger onto the cap.
1 shoe string - tape the ends of the shoe string to the sides of the plastic cap to create a loop to pull with or attach to leg strap. duct tape or electrical tape can be used to tape the shoe string on.
for simplified use, drill a very small (poke a hole the size of a pen) in the top of the cap for air to escape and then get a piece of tape to cover the hole when in use. I also use a small piece of soft wax to seal the hole (under the tape).

For a vac ADS to work correctly it has to maintain a good vacuum.

Thunder SS sorry. Didn’t mean to break any rules.

Leah.. Can you link me to this? I’m having a hard time trying to image this.

The sky's the limit. Starting BPEL 7 inch Girth 5.5

Here you go

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