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HOLY SH!T, I just jelqued blood !!

HOLY SH!T, I just jelqued blood !!

I’ve been using my extender all day today at work, monkeybar’s autoextender, 3 sessions about 1.5-2 hrs each (total about 5-6 hrs).

I’ve also used the ADS for about 4 hrs (dog walk in the morning, in the afternoon b/w the 2nd and 3rd autoextender session), mostly down the leg/thigh.

I’m home now and just did some dry jelqs at maybe 35-40% erection level. After the 5th jelq or so, I look down and there’s FUCKING BLOOD COMING OUT OF MY URETHRA/PISSHOLE.

My heart stopped for a second, I was so fucking scared. I checked to make sure the blood was actually coming out of my pisshole, confirmed this. Good news is that the blood wasn’t spurting out or anything, size of maybe 2-3 drops of blood. I wiped it off and went to take a piss to see if more blood would come out, confirmed that I was NOT pissing blood. Now as I’m typing this, I’m sorta relieved, but still kinda panicking.

There is a slight sore/burn sensation in my head, very slight (could be my imagination b/c of the traumatizing sight of blood coming out my cock). I am hanging very nicely, nice veiny appearance. No negative PI’s earlier while I was in the extender/ADS, I got a hard-on almost at will in between sessions. I will see if I can get an erection in a couple hours or so.

Do you guys think I have to go on an extended break? I really don’t want to, maybe I should just ease up on dry jelqing after I’ve been in the extender/ADS for most of the day?

I would probably go off for a week, but that is only my opinion.

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Stop doing anything for a week or two. You probably have a micro tear causing the bleeding. Not serious but if you don’t let it heal then it won’t heal.

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Hey there!

I’m an emt and soon to be paramedic, I would suggest a check up with your urologist just to be sure there is no tearing of your urethra or any other major problems. It could cause infection or scar tissue, I’m sure theres a host of other things that it could lead to aswell. I don’t want to scare you I just want you to know that you may have hurt yourself. If your not gonna see a doc at least take a break to allow your body to heal.

Best of luck to you my friend.


Take a break to allow your body to heal

Probably just a small “red spot” that burst inside your urethra. Take a few days off.

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There are quite a few threads about this. You must let it heal properly.

Yeah. Scaring, but not that dangerous. Let it heal.

Thanks guys, yeah I would have used the search function but I was freaking the fuck out and just decided to post a new thread.

Man, I hope none of ya’ll ever have to see blood coming out of your dickhole, what a mortifying sight!!

Taking break today and tomorrow, going back to the grind on Monday.

Originally Posted by HungLow123
Taking break today and tomorrow, going back to the grind on Monday.

I’d leave it a bit longer, and start off gently. If you do start Monday, be very gentle.

this is scary as fuck. be safe man! go slow! you have years to grow your penis!

I love my life

Wow.. Yeah take it easy bro!

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