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HOLY!!!! mackerel, girlfriend noticed difference WTF!?


HOLY!!!! mackerel, girlfriend noticed difference WTF!?

I have been jelqing for 2 days! Tonight I was fooling around with my girlfriend she started grabbing my cock and she was like “what the hell, your cock feels thicker!” I did notice that my penis was harder than before. I guess more blood is getting to it. Really weird cause she does not know anything about me jelquing or anything at all!!!Anyone else experience a harder penis after jelquing?Well I jelqued in the morning and we fooled around at night.

congrats thats more than gains,it´s a great feeling.

my ex g/f feel it too, the last time we´ve been in bed, she said to me “you get bigger?”, she dont know about my PE working, she was amazed by the feeling (my thought was YYEHAA).

it is f#*#* great.

sorry for my english.

ey no hay problema, de que parte de mexico eres?

See Mexican?

We told ya there were other members who spoke Spanish, along with Guiri.

And STOP apologizing for your English! It’s fine, and sometimes better than the native’s English, believe me. :)

Now what flight will the seniorita be arriving on?


lol, I was born in mexico parents brought me over here at the age of 3 , I am an american citizen and yes I speak spanish. People of all races and walks of life are interested in PE !! LoL!

hola amigos

vivo en el d.f. mexico city.

buster, i try to convince her to do it, then she grab me by the balls and she said to me, are you shure about that?.Sorry man i have to keep her around for awhile.

That's OK, Mexican...

I know she’s probably just afraid of flying on planes. But simply reassure her that I have been doing PE longer than you and am a successful hanger so it will be worth the effort on her part! :D LOL!

Seriously, you might want to tell her about your PE. My bet is that it would turn her on since she already noticed and complimented it - you - whatever.

hey mexican, what kind of gains have you seen or did you just get started? lol wait what is goig on busterhymes wants to sleep with your woman?? lol

wait, nobody ,nobody touchs my little muchachita but me.(hehehehehe).

mr6inch, i have no gains yet, but i still working on that, sometimes idont have enought privacy to do PE. i´ve been doing PE for almost 2 months.

Mexican, you forget:

Moderator’s Fees!! :)

Wait - I thought you said it was your EX-g/f??!? What is up with that? Hey, it’s a *free* continent, ain’t it?


wow 2 months and no gains keep up the good work man cause i dont know if I could keep doing it if I didnt see at least 1mm of improvement…

Wow. I was wondering where you are in Mexico, Mexican. One of my closest friends is grew up a few hours south of there.

idont measure my tool lately, i feel it thicker than before, i´ll try the newbie routine that luvdadus post somewhre in here and i´ll see what happens. i will keep you posted.

no,no,no, my muchachita only dances with me.

thanks kamel, great link, excellent tool.

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