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Holy it actually works


Holy it actually works

I’m going to be completely honest and open with you guys.

I found this site about a month ago. My first impression of this site? Grad student’s thesis? Frat House joke? I mean, how funny would it be to see if you could actually convince men to hang weights on, and milk their units, FOR YEARS.

So suffice to say, I was a skeptic.

I don’t know why I decided to give it a go anyways, but I did. I’m in my mid-thirties, overweight, and have never done any PE before.

My pre-PE measurement was bone-pressed using a straight ruler on it’s edge, to make sure I hit my pubic bone and not the deeper crevice between and bone and the base of the shaft. I did about 20-25 measurements to be sure, and I always came out at about 8’ BPEL exactly each time. If I pressed that ruler any harder against my public bone it probably would have bled. Unfortunately, I never measured girth; I wish I had, but I didn’t.

So I started three weeks ago (May 21st). I read an old post by some guy named newbie, who gave a brief outline of his routine and claimed to have amazing results. It was very basic and seemed a good place to start.

I’ve been doing 15-20 mins of dry, overhanded jelqing every other day, starting from flaccid. When I do get too erect I just keep going until it gets softer, usually after a minute or so. I don’t do any warmup, and I haven’t done any stretching. I don’t count strokes, I just do 3-4 seconds per until my time is up.

After a couple days I started noticing that my penis seemed heavier, and very vascular. Just seemed thicker in my hand. My libido increased substantially (probably because I felt like when I got erect I was wearing a cock ring, so my confidence increased as a result).

So I finally caved in and measured today, even though I promised myself I’d wait until at least a month was up. I measured exactly the same way, and did about 10 measurements. The results: my new BEL is just under 8.35 inches, meaning I’ve gained over a third of an inch in 3 weeks. I’m flabbergasted!

I just wanted to share with you all my short but sweet success story thus far. I’m going to keep with this routine for another couple months and then change to some other routine when I start to plateau.

Just wanted to say thanks! You’ve convinced me that all this PE stuff actually works!

Congratulations on your skepticism going away and gaining in a short amount of time!

I’d say warm up just before to be extra safe. Otherwise, good job!

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- Dr. Wayne Dyer

Yes, it does work! Congratulations on putting it to the test and finding out for yourself. And I concur with The Eggs, try warming up…it’ll help prevent injury and, who knows, it may speed up the growth. Most of us old-timers agree that heat is a good thing. Good luck!

:_pump: :donatecar

Geez and you started out very big. Please take before pictures for our records, and consider posting when you gain a little more, always inspirational to see. If you want more proof, check by my picture thread, I have a ton from beginning to end.

Warming up will increase your results even further, I recommend a hot washcloth for what you are doing, and some light stretching will help even more!

No offense, but I hate it when I hear about people like you. You already had a huge unit by any standards. I had to work my butt off just to get to 6.5x5.5!

Well to be fair, I am 6’7. 8’ on me, is like 6’ on someone with a normal body size :P

Holy cow 6’7!! I am 6 foot even. I hope you are playing basketball or something. I have had a few people say height does play a large role in penis size, (scientifically I don’t really see it except that Growth hormone does control penis size to a degree and nobody tall has low amounts of GH in their body) you “prove” this to be true is it he same with your tall friends?

I can’t tell you for sure. I’m taller than all my friends and I’ve never bothered to look at their junk :P

Started: 5/14/12- BPEL: 8.00" MEG: 5.5"

Current: 10/22/12- BPEL: 9.0" MEG: 5.875"

Goal: NBPEL 8"++, MEG 6"+

Being honest, 8 inch is huge even o an ipotetic 7 foot guy :)

You have to use it not look at it,you girlfriend will not care if you are 6 or 5 foot tall in bed :) .

Se state cominciando il PE non cercate routine avanzate o fantasiose, rischiate solo di farvi male o di non guadagnare.

Usate la Newbie routine :) .

I’m getting worried. I see these newbies here and they’re starting stats are way above average, like 7-8 inches.

What was the average again?

|||||Start: 14cm NBPEL|||||Now: 17,5cm NBPEL|||||Goal: 20cm NBPEL||||

But we're never gonna survive, unless we get a little crazy.


Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on the gains. Keep at it.


This is a penis enlargement forum. What matters is gains not starting size. Seriously, tone down the bullshit. This is the Newbie Forum, it’s here so that people new to PE can get quality advice form people who have experience.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

It’s ok Memento. I didn’t take any comment in a negative way. Friendly prodding.

I know it’s probably hard for most to understand, but I mentioned how tall I was because I’ve honestly went through life thinking I should be a lot bigger than I am because of my height. Plus my wife had an ex who had the nickname “popcan”. Live up to that, lol!

But seriously, I appreciate all the feedback. I have began including proper warmup in my routine.

Thanks again everyone!

Originally Posted by Dandyist
I can’t tell you for sure. I’m taller than all my friends and I’ve never bothered to look at their junk :P

Me neither, but it’s something most of us have discussed. These are guys I have known for 8+ years, though guys discussing dick size is pretty common.

If I had an 8 inch dick I would not need to do PE. Why need more than 8 inches lol are u aiming for the g spt or the c section? haha lol jokes

Good luck!!

I think an 8” dick is a nice size for someone who’s 6’-7” tall. I agree with Memento that it doesn’t matter how big you are when you start. The point is we all want bigger dicks, right? Not all people feel the need to do something about it and so here we are. Welcome aboard and congratulations on the gains. How great it is to believe because you have seen. Imagine those who have not gained and continue on because they believe. There’s is truely heroic faith! That’s why I will never give it up.

Pre-PE 11/11 BPEL 5.9 EG 5.3

Started PE: 3/12 BPEL 6.0 EG 5.6 * Current: BPEL 7.0 EG 5.9 BPSL 7.4 Nut Lgth 2.5" * Goal: BPEL 7.3 EG 6.3 BPSL 8.00

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