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Holding penis out straight increases girth


Holding penis out straight increases girth

I have noticed that if I hold my penis out perpendicular to my body, it seems to get harder/girthier than if I just let it go. To give a better example, if I were standing I’d be holding it parallel to the ground. When I let it go it seems to let some of the blood out.

Does anyone else experience this?

So, you don’t need to do PE. Whenever you want to impress someone, just hold it out parallel to the ground. :leftie:

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This is probably because you are bending your penis at the point where it becomes your inner penis. So in effect you are doing an erect bend, which obviously increases the internal pressure.

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Mine erect doesn’t go up - it goes straight out.

Maybe this explains why I’ve always looked ‘thicker’ than normal

It’s the same with me. This might indicate your septum is your limiting factor. This is not a good thing.

When you stretch it out, can you feel a long cord like string running across the top of the shaft?

Alright, now you got my attention…

What do you mean “septum is a limiting factor” and why is it bad?


I’m currently in the process of elucidating as much information about the septum as possible and how to overcome it in order to gain length.

The septum is an area where the two tunnels of the tunica (that contain the smooth muscle that fills to give you erection) join, effectively making them double thickness. For some people, such as me, and possibly you, the septum seems to be shorter than the tunica, and is very tough, causing a limiting factor that, from what I’ve read, can be difficult to stretch.

First make sure your septum is your limiting factor, do an advanced search in titles for septum and read all the posts that come up, there aren’t many, but that’ll get you started. It seems that it’s a pretty rare thing so not many people talk about it.

It’s gonna take me a while before I put a post up about it but in the meat time I suggest you buy an IR lamp, use it throughout your routines and concentrate on V and A stretches at all points along your shaft, with as much tension as possible, everyday, for at least 20 minutes, then do a cool down, preferably with an icepack, while still in the extended state

I’m currently not doing much, cause I’m waiting for moneyz for an IR lamp. From what I’ve read, septum work is pretty much a waste of time unless you’re working under an IR lamp, which will allow it to be naturally more stretchy.

Let me know how you go :)

The septum is a narrow, perpendicular area; it is imperfect in front, and is thickest near the root of the penis. Maybe this pic can help more:…late14277.shtml

Many of those who believe that the septum is a limiting factor are exchanging the septum for the dorsal vein, IMHO.

I definitely feel a “chord” like structure when I pull straight out flacid. But it really only runs from the pubic bone to about 1-2” up the shaft. According to some of the anatomy pictures, this should just be my ligs attaching dick to pubic bone.

Wether the septum theory is true or not, I’m assuming it does NOT affect pure lig gains (as in, guys that are just starting pe and manual stretches to max out their ligs)… And that it affects those who are focusing on stretching just the tunica portion…?
Am I on track here?

I too have the tight cord/bundle that seems to take most of the stress when pulling straight out. It goes back into my body and seems to attach to the pubic bone. I think blood flow is cut off a bit when I have my unit held perpendicular to the floor, and thus a sort of clamping effect takes place.

I disagree Marinera, since veins are typically built from extremely elastic materials, I doubt even at a very high level of stretch a vein would feel like a piano chord before simply snapping.

When I’ve done experiments with vascular smooth muscle (from rat dorsal tail veins), we were able to stretch the endothelium at least 500% of it’s original value, and much more would cause damage, but it never felt that taught.

Also, looking at the first anatomical diagram.. When I stretch myself out, I can actually feel the structure of the septum not just from the top, but also from below where it separates into the two sections of tunica. At least it certainly feels like that.

Septum as limiting factor also fits in with having an upward curve.

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