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holding off ejaculating

holding off ejaculating

This thread is kinda a continued from the “will ejaculating interfere with Pe” thread. I kinda beliave that holding off ejaculating will improve gains. I have been trying to stop cumming but have been unsusesful. I am going to experiment with this anyway and keep trying to hold it, at least get up to three weeks. I have noticed that when masterbating i get closer to cuming even if i am not completely hard. Anyways, if anyone feels as i do and is going to try to hold off ejaculating i would like to know how it goes. So if anyone is going to try this with me or has tryed it in the past, let me know how it goes. I will post in a week or so to see if i can stay true to my experiment.

I am going to give myself a couple of rules for this. #1- I will not ejaculate within 3 hours of peing, #2- I will only ejaculate 4 times a week as any more than that and I have a hard time maintaining 80% erection while peing, I think the less ejaculating the better off I am. I don’t think I will have problems with these rules as I have always had good discipline when I put my mind to something, and I am currently not sexually active so that helps a bunch.

I’m not going to even try this. ):

Wish I had that will power.

Basically, I just make it a rule not to ejaculate within 5 hours of PE’ing. I usually get off in the morning then PE at night. It’s relatively easy to do that for me. But yeah, if I get off with in 5 hours of PE’ing, I count that as a day I didn’t PE.

i cumed twice on sunday, which is my rest day. I guess i figured i would start counting off my no ejaculating days after that. Went out with a bang, or two of them actually. I may not measure for three weeks because it really makes me horny b/c i have to masterbate to full erection.

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