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Holding a kegel WHILE jelqing

Holding a kegel WHILE jelqing

I’ve noticed that when I hold kegels while jelqing (relaxing between jelqs), the tissue in my penis softens up and allows for better blood flow + expansion. If I don’t do this, my jelqs generally feel like they aren’t pushing much blood at all to the penis unless I’m at a very high erection ~80-90% ish. Do you guys think this is ok to do during a whole workout? I definitely feel like it’s more effective, but I’m not sure it is safe. I don’t know much about clamping while doing jelqs but is this the same concept?

Jelqing at such high erection levels is dangerous. I would suggest you try wet jelqs at low erection levels it has worked really well for me and lots of others.

Clamped jelqs is very different than kegals combined with jelqs. I guess it is a similar concept but clamped jelqs are a lot more intense and it does not do the same thing as kegals.

Jelqing with kegals is a verry good exercise. Stick with it and keep us posted on it.

Don’t clamp anything if you should still be on the newbie routine. Clamping and jelqing isn’t something I would recommend to anyone.

Stick with what you are doing though, it sounds like you are just keeping your penis plump for the jelqing. It’s hard to say what “erection level” you are at, but 80+ would be too much. You wouldn’t be getting a good workout that hard. If your penis is engorged with blood, but not hard, that’s what you should be aiming for. If kegels help keep it engorged, that fine.

Good luck - stay safe!

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Doing kegals as you jelq just temporarily increases the amount of blood held within your unit - it’s like jelqing at a higher erection level but without needing the erection.

Avoid clamping this early on : )

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