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Don’t know how to take it. She actually asked “did your dick get bigger?”. I replied “really? Hmmm….”

My girl doesn’t know I am PE’ing. Damn. This PE stuff could work?!?! OMFG!!!!

I’ve beeing doing it for a month now. Don’t know if I have made any gains but I know that my dick now can get as hard as granite. I mean solid. I don’t plan to measure until the 6th or 3rd month. I am still skeptical about all of this. But I am really really giving it an honest try.

Here’s my schedule:

1 day on/1 day off - I am really afraid of fucking up my dick so I would rather not gain than not have a dick.
5 min wrap
5 min stretch
15 min jelq at 70-80%
5 min wrap

I do 5 sec kegels throughout the day.

That’s what I’ve been doing consistently and methodically for the past month. Sometimes i feel like going on longer or not taking the rest day but I just tell myself, “even if you don’t gain with your starting regiment, at least you will know very well what not to include.”

Good routine, glad its working for you :)

Hi questions, welcome aboard. Nice start you seem to have gotten off to there. One thing I would advise is to measure every month instead of every 3rd or 6th. Reason being it will help you recognize if a particular exercise is working or not, and it’s still enough time to notice gains. I wish you continued success and good luck.

Welcome to Thunder’s, Questions.

I think Stevie’s advice is great. If you make solid gains on one particular routine or stroke, etc. you want to zero in on that motion so you can maximize it. Some guys make measurable growth within a few weeks.

Good luck,


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


It’s difficult to be patient but it’s also fun to try.

I forgot to add thanks in my first post.


One thing I’ve noticed is that I know my dick a lot better now. I think that first few months may just be for me to learn about my dick. i have these wicked looking, pumped veins rolling down the sides on my dick now.

Wow. Becoming more obsessive. But at the same time more clinical.

And yeah, I’ll measure sooner rather than later.

Yeah, it works… If she noticed this soon she for sure will know you are doing something…


I don’t plan to measure until the 6th or 3rd month.

Hi Questions,

Just a quick point, I don’t know if this is relevant or not, so if it isn’t feel free to ignore me, but have you taken starting measurements? If you haven’t then even if you do measure after 3 months you won’t know what you have gained.

I’d also recommend taking photos if possible. Because of the gradual nature of PE you might not see any gains looking down at your cock, but if you have a photo (preferably with a ruler) of before and after you will really be able to see the difference.

Good Luck


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