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Hit Plateau -How can I gain length

Hit Plateau -How can I gain length

I have followed the Newbie Routine and I have seen some gains in length.
After 2 months of no further length gains, how can I achieve additional length gains

My routine consists of:

5-10 min hot towel warm up
5 minutes stretching
500 jelqs
5-10 min hot towel warm up
5 minutes stretching

4 days per week.

Sometimes, I feel ligament pain from stretching too hard and only do jelqing.

I have read about ADS but not sure if it will be discreet when wearing.

Any suggestions?

Seems to me that you may not be doing enough stretching and too much jelqing. Ease into the stretch after a good warm up. Tug until you feel a nice pull and gradually pull harder. I find that a good two to three minute stretch in each direction really works well. After five minutes I re-heat for 2-3 minutes and continue. I generally find that 15 minutes is my ideal. Also, I do not do a lot of jelqing. After I’m done stretching I warm down for about half an hour with a heating pad. When I start to turtle during this phase I stretch a little more (light stretch) and do a few jelqs. Hope this helps.

My ligaments have felt noticeably strained after a session.

Do you have the same feeling?

Am I pulling too hard?

You are doing little stretching, and mabye compensating time with force. Try taking a month off, then restart a manual based routine. If after some months on the new ‘manual cycle’ you have no gains, you could think to give a try to something new, like hanging or wearing an extender.

People here will tell you that everything is individual.. Having said that, I find that when I pull hard I feel a slight burn, but no pain. Afterward I do feel tender; it’s more of an ache and definitely not painful. I think heat is a very important factor in the recovery process.

In my opinion I feel that stretching is straight forward - you feel the tug. On the other hand, jelqing really takes some time to figure out. It took me a while to find the right grip, speed, erection level, and pressure.

Cut back a bit on jelqing, or switch. If you are wet jelqing, try dry jelqing (but cut back). Also, I remember reading a post some time back about someone stating that they benefited from fast jelqs. I gave it a whirl and it does have a place in my routine.

Right now I’m on a decon, maintenance break. I did the newbie routine from March till the beginning of June and gained 3/4” BPEL. That was half assed as far as I’m concerned. I work 60-70 hours a week and being dedicated has a certain meaning to me, so I tend to be hard on myself. Yes, pun intended.

Increase your stretching time to 10-20 minutes and decrease the amount of jelqs. Try various stretching exercises; A,V, jai stretch, fowfer, etc.

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

My Pics

AOM's training log

Thanks for your advice

May you be blessed by abnormal gains!

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