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hit 8 inches (close enough) BPEL but decreased girth

hit 8 inches (close enough) BPEL but decreased girth


Stats are

Two weeks ago (all in cm)

BPEL 19.4
NBPEL 16.5
MSEG 12.4


BPEL 19.7
NBPEL 16.9


10 minutes warm up before (massaging the penis), heat is applied throughout the session to the penis

1. Clamping

7 days a week (no rest days)

Use two clamps, each set is 10 minutes, 10 minutes break between sets

Now: 6 ten minute sets, increase by 1 set every 3 weeks

2. Hanging

1 day off per week

Hanger for 20 minutes

1. BTC and Curved Down (sit forward and lean back)
2. SO, or Straight Out x 3 (left, right and straight)
3. Over Left Knee, Over Right knee
4. Over the Shoulder (left and right)

6 stretches on the 1st week, 7 on the 2nd, 8 on the 3rd and 9 on the 4th, increase weight by 0.5 kg (1.25 IB) every month

Take a 60s break between sets

3. Extra

1 minute 5s jelq’s
2 minutes jelq squeezes
2 mins Uli 3’s
2x2 minute edges

4. Warm down

10 minutes goat rolls

My length gains have been increasing nicely, but my girth gains have not been increasing from clamping. To correct this problem should I decrease the amount of clamping or do something else?



I don’t think you should be worried. Where did you measure the girth? On the middle of the penis? If you did, it can be hard to measure exactly at the same place every time.

Starting 01/05/2009: BPEL: 15.5 cm (6.1 inches) MSEG: 12.5 cm (4.9 inches)

back then: BPEL: 17.5 cm (6.9 inches) MSEG: 13 cm (5.1 inches)

Now: BPEL: 16.5 cm (6.5 inches) MSEG: 12.7 cm (5.0 inches)

exact same thing happened to me when I hit 8 BP, I gained like a quick 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch, probably in about a week, i was really focusing on the stretches, and I noticed my girth dropped about an 1/8th of an inch. Since then, I began clamping and dropped down to about 7.95, but gained a quick 1/16th-1/8th on inch girth back.

I have also noticed similar things before. One time, a quick girth gain reduced my length a bit.

27/05/07 7,6" Bpel - 5,3" Eg - 5,3" Fl

02/06/08 8,1" Bpel - 5,6" Eg - 5,7" Fl


Your routine is an inspiration. Best of luck dude!


Thanks for the commments; with the clamping, is 7 days a week, 6 sets too much?
Can one ‘overclamp’ whereby the penis shrinks due to over engorgement?

I am curious because one can over stretch; but I am unsure whether this can happen with length

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