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Hip Roll While Measuring

Hip Roll While Measuring

When I measure I find that I roll my hips forward a little and this makes the length measurement bigger. Do you do this too? It seems to happen automatically when I look down.


I wouldn’t think it would matter if you measured bone pressed. How do you measure?

Re: Hip Roll While Measuring

Originally posted by BiffyStiffy
It seems to happen automatically when I look down.

How do you know it’s happening when you aren’t looking down?

My measurements don’t change much when I do what you describe. Regardless, the important thing is that you measure the same way every time. This will ensure accurate gain progress reports. Hell, I sometimes record up to 5 or 6 different measurements to see if my dick is growing in one direction and not another.

I measure nbp.

I know I don’t tilt my hips forward when I’m not looking down because I tend not to slouch.


Re: Re: Hip Roll While Measuring

Originally posted by stevie31
How do you know it's happening when you aren't looking down?

eh heh..Stevie

Biffy my man-
How are you pal? What you should be doing is measuring according to “maximum cheat”. This means that you do everything possible to get the greatest (longest/thickest) measurements possible. This way, there is no chance of fooling yourself from one measuring cycle to the next.
You don’t have to live by these measurements. You don’t have to state these measurements either. If you prefer to think of your penis size as your NBP, fine - I do the same. But our desire for a bigger dick coupled with the amazing amount of work we’re all putting in can lead us to believe we are growing whether we are or we aren’t. This can defeat the whole purpose of PE, no?
So rotate your hips, use a magnifying glass, do whatever it takes to ensure that the next time you measure you don’t kid yourself. Stay consistent.

And ALWAYS use the same ruler and or tape measurer.


OK. I’ll cheat then :) It does make sense to do it that way anyway. Woohoo! Another half inch I never knew I had!

Sadly, it still is not enough. But that shall change :)


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