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Higher than normal pressure when jelqing

Higher than normal pressure when jelqing

The title pretty much says my question. When jelqing, should you try to build up as much inner pressure as possible, even above and beyond normal erection pressure? If not, please explain the fundamentals behind jelqing that creates growth (stretching out tissues, new tissue growth, etc)

If you need girth high erection 50-80% is needed. And if you want length then go on low 20-50% erections. The jelq works on the tunica by adding more and more pressure to it. Every time when adding the pressure it expands more and more. So when you get erections more blood can come in and make a bigger and harder dick. It’s good because it can work on bout girth and length. But most people do it for girth, that’s what I read.

Don’t squeeze you’re dick till it dies, you need to get some pressure in it to do the work out. But don’t over do it. Don’t you know what every good PE-er says: “some times it’s better to do less the more” understand, don’t overdo!

Thanks for the info Luka. Sometimes I start with a zero erection, and it takes a fair bit of warming up and kegels to get some volume. But it has a snowballing effect and I can soon do some good jelqs. I am trying to decrease my reliance on porn to get started.

Yes onizzy, the internal pressure when jelqing is greater than that of a normal erection, slightly uncomfortable but below pain. There are some good posts in the forums about the theory. Try a search.

Thanks for the feedback. So basically I should try to build pressure that is higher than a normal erection when jelqing? Also thanks for the links, I’ll be sure to check them when I have time.

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