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Higher Erection Angle?

Higher Erection Angle?

Hey everyone, what’s up?

I just started doing DLD Blasters and V-Stretches last week and I think my dick is already longer! I haven’t actually measured yet, I’m gonna wait till the end of the week.

Anyway, that’s not what I wanted to say. I just noticed today that my erection angle has gone up. When I had an erection, my dick used to go out perfectly straight, and now it goes a tiny bit up. Did anyone else get this from lig stretches???

I don’t think I really like it doing that, but we’ll see how much further up it goes I guess.

Talk to you later!

Usually, erection angle goes down slightly if the only variable is lig stretching. Have you been doing any jelqing or pc work in conjunction with the blasters? If you have been, perhaps your circulation has improved giving you a better quality erection accounting for the increased angle.

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I jelq a lot and I noticed this help to your erection angle, I was like 9:30 and know I’m 10:30… dunno, but I’m sure it’s higher.

By the way, I do V-Stretches too, but the upward way.


PS: Do you jelq in an upward direction?

Hey, thanks for the replies!

I do pc work (you mean kegels right?) during the blasters like it says in the description.

I also jelq, I don’t really pay attention to the direction, but it’s basically straight out most of the time. The thing is I’ve been jelqing for the past five months, the only extra thing I added to the jelqing is the horses.

I do the V-stretches downwards. I pull at about 8 o’clock I guess and then I press down with something so the base still pulls down but the head points up. You know what I mean?

Oh, just one more question: Is doing horses gonna affect my length gains if I’m only stertching the ligs?

Thanks again!

Horses are girth exercises, if you want lenght for the moment, just don’t stick to them very much, or do more kind of stretches, like JAIs or something, well that’s what I think, ask a vet or something.


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