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High EQ is a BAD thing?


High EQ is a BAD thing?

Wanted to get some opinions on this “theory” or thought process of mine.

I am the case no gainer, probably one of the few on this forum (maybe not). I’ve been going roughly 13 months now, with some breaks and inconsistency here and there (probably only 6-7 months of total time under load) and no gains have come of it. One thing that has never escaped me is ULTRA high EQ. Quite frankly, I cannot remember a moment where I couldn’t get it up. I can’t remember a morning where I didn’t have MW. I can’t remember a day where I didn’t have at least 2 or 3 random pops.

And this goes for whatever I have thrown at my dick. 1,000 rep jelqing sessions for 14 straight days does not phase my wang doodle. Two 60 minute stretching sessions a day does nothing to the EQ. While I do appreciate this, it sort of bothers me. What do you guys think: is my never-ending impenetrable high EQ my Achilles? Is it the reason why I don’t make size gains? That maybe I can’t “break” my penis…?

Oh, and before it gets asked: I have never tried hanging or clamping.

I have pumped though. As high as 8 hg. for 3 10 min sessions - my dick pops right-up within 30 seconds directly afterwards.

You sure are at the extreme of high EQ, but what I have noticed, having low EQ myself and reading numerous threads about it, is that people with low EQs often make little or gains compared to those with high EQ. So if you had a normal high EQ than I would say it wouldn’t stop you from getting gains. In your situation, I have almost no reason to see why it would stop you from getting gains, but I guess I don’t know for sure.

I thought I’d add something even more bizarre to the twist of this conundrum.

I recently was checked for testosterone levels and they are LOW. I’m 20 years old and my T-levels were at the level of an average 10-12 year old. I’ve also been recently diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder and Depression, for which I take SSRI medications.

So, I think that makes it even MORE strange that my EQ is so high

Eventually increase your pumping sessions

Originally Posted by 131greyave

Eventually increase your pumping sessions

Higher than three 10-minute sessions at 8 hg? Aren’t we bordering on dangerous even at the level?

I don’t think EQ has anything to do with gains. How about you explain your routines and how long you followed them before taking time away from them that would be a good place to start. Doing 1000 reps of jelqs for 2 weeks then stopping will do nothing but turn your cock to stone and make it harder to gain, this is why CONSISTENCY is stressed all around here.

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8Hg is pretty high I wouldn’t risk that, I tried 10Hg before and it was stupid of me. If you get to a point you need 10Hg to grow its probably time to decondition or retire lol.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

Well, that might be the kicker bluray. I have probably never stuck to the same routine for longer than 3 weeks, except pumping. I pumped for 2 months solid.
But every routine I have done has been pretty much jelqing and stretching based. Times ranging from 10 minutes working my way up to 60 minutes of each.

I think consistency is important - but I also think that perhaps the sum total of what I have done should have yielded some results. Yes, no?

If a sum total is all that mattered I would be in porn right now bro, the only times I reached new levels is when I thought about PE every single day and planned my days around it for at least 1-2 months.

I would take a little decon break and implement some hanging, but remember take it super slowly don’t try to rush it. This is just my opinion though hopefully some other people will give some tips.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

You’re right bluray. I just really hope my “start/stop change-up never stay consistent” approach has hardened my dick beyond pliability.

One approach that I have been working on with sparkyx is I am just jelqing. Trying to find a point where my EQ and BPFSL drops. I’ve started slow again and I’m hoping that this takes me to the promise land. Maybe. Nevertheless, I feel confident about it, especially having someone like sparkyx watching you. That’s like getting coaching from THE best.

Originally Posted by bluray
would take a little decon break

Well, I actually deconed from September-November :( I also took 10 days off a few weeks ago.

I’m afraid, No.

If you do arbitrarily completely different sets of exercises and take breaks too often, you may think that, nevertheless, you are fairly entitled to see at least very modest gains ‘cause you put some efforts into this stuff. Unfortunately, PE usually doesn’t work in that way.

Unforunately that APPEARS to be the case Cummer

I just hope that approach hasn’t rendered any further attempts fruitless :(

I’m quite tired of getting the female comment “Oh, it’s long enough, but really wish it had some more girth to it.”
…Yeah, I know, thanks.

I see no problem in your situation. At least so far.

There are hundreds of guys who started PE at 55-60 and even much later in their life. You are starting at 20. Even if you are a slow gainer, over 4-5 years you will see more or less noticeable gains. But it’s not even proven that you grow slowly.

Just be more disciplined and go with the Newbie routine for 4-6 months. That’s the only possible task for you at the moment. After that your circumstances will be much clearer.

Where is Marinera? I think we need his powers of divination for a moment…

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