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High Blood Pressure and MVP


High Blood Pressure and MVP

Hello All:

I have been doing PE on and off for about one year now and would like to post a word of warning to those with High Blood Pressure or Current Heart conditions.

In my case I have a Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP) which is basically a heart murmur where my heart will sometime skip a beat. You can read more about it here if you are interested. Http://…pse/article.htm

In combination with High Blood Pressure it makes things a little scary sometimes but I have it all under control with the help of some real medical advice and medication.

What in the name of Abe Lincoln does this all have to do with PE.. Well I am glad you asked friend.. When I first started PE, It was slow going to say the least mainly because of the discomfort I was having but I did not know why. When I say discomfort, I mean some soreness in a combination with some things not feeling right down there. Now this is not to scare anyone away from PE but to caution you to have a workout plan when you start and to follow closely to what you read on this forum from some more experienced PE’rs here. They are here to help you in your journey.

On occasion when doing PE I would start to experience High Blood Pressure occurrences and I would actually feel my heart skip. This was an indication I was over doing it. By this I mean I was doing PE like 6 days a week (not good) and not following a workout plan (also, not good).

I cannot stress how important it is to follow a plan and make sure your HEALTH comes first with anything you try here because that is way more important that pleasing any woman. And if that woman really cares for you, she would agree that she would rather have you around than a big penis.

As a side note, I am still doing PE and have gained about 1 inch in a year. No not great but I started by overdoing it then stopped completely for a while then went back at a slow pace so I am about right on track. I now do it 2 times a week with mild gains.

I hope this helps and informs some of you out there and not scare you away from PE.


*PLEASE NOTE* I AM NOT A DOCTOR NOR ANY TYPE OF MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL. I personally am only a web developer who lives in NY looking to help some beginners at this method of pe. Please PLEASE Check with a family physician if you have any problems or question on this subject of High Blood Pressure or if you have MVP.

That is good advice easy does if your inclined to skip a beat. Do you take Verapomil for the MVP? Congratulations on the gains!

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Thanks Kingpole!

I used to take meds for it but I no longer need them as my MVP is not as sever as it used to be when I was younger.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Check your Private Messages psquillace.

I did and there is nothing there?

Yeah, got to watch the blood pressure though!

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Yes, The blood pressure has to be monitored too. That will not go away until I start loosing some more weight.

Skipped beats can be precipitated by anxiety, especially in those with MVP. Are you nervous or anxious while doing PE?

No not usually. Although, My wife does not know I do it so maybe in the back of my mind I am a bit anxious or nervous.

How much eight do you have to lose?

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Well, I used to be real heavy for my frame. I am 6 ft and weighed about 250, which is not heavy but for my frame it was because I looked like I was a tall guy in a small suit. LOL

So I lost about 45 lbs. But when I went to my Dr. He said to me he would like to see me down 15 more and I should be good. But it seems harder than the 45 that I lost.

That last 15 is hard to lose, but at your height 200-205 is about right I would think. But with high blood pressure an issue who knows. Do you go to the gym? Do you do cardio workouts?

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Mainly cardio. I used to do gym but I got into running and it got addicting so I stopped the gym like in June. I think I will go back because the running is doing a number on my knees. The pain is unbearable sometimes.

Good lord. I hope you are not taking Aleve or Motrin, Advil for the pain, They raise blood pressure. My doctor told me never to take Motrin or Naproxium sodium because they raise blood pressure. I did not listen had sciatica so bad I ended up taking Motrin my blood pressure rose to 218/110. I’ll never do that again.

Perhaps you need a break from running and then ease into a swimming pool or do a walking program. Avoid squats and squat like machines in the gym.

Most medications that raise blood pressure have a warning on them. Cold medicines, antihistamines, inhalers.

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