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Hi!my question is about jelqing.Thins exersice is very difficult
Sometimes I jelq at almost flaccid , other times at almost 100% erect and I can’t keep the same level of erection all the 20mins while I’m jelqing?Sometimes to have a harder erection I jerk off for about few seconds but after that it gets 100%erect , after a while it gets flaccid again?Sometime I even cum, trying to get more erected.What should I do please help me with this?:)


My problem are similars.. Also I don’t understand if jelq it’s more efficacious when the penis it’s erect or flaccid.. Also, I became with flaccid but not ever became erect.. Maybe should be better cut it.:)


It is a matter of concentration and practice. When you get too hard, stop until it subsides. When you get too soft, think or watch something sexy. At first there is a lot of novelty and excitement while jelqing. As you get used to it, you learn to maintain the desired erection % with out even thinking about it. When you get too hard, stop until it subsides.


I have a similar problem but I feel that it is becoming less of an issue. If you can get access to porn, in particular movies then that should help you get hard, if you get too hard hold a kegal or slightly tug your balls to make you slightly subside.

I used to be the same way. I couldn’t get any level of erection during jelqing. Then I could get erect but it was 100%. Now I have learned to control my level of erection. Once you learn how to do that it is quite easy. I usually use a good visual of my wife to get my erection started. Then I strategically use visuals to keep the correct eretion percentage. I can now do about 250 3 sec strokes between 50-75% erect (300 on a really good day).


I like RoomToGrow’s suggestion, I have a hard time controlling the full level of erection but can do it somewhat. Sometimes I’ll resort to supplements if I need extra firmness for whatever reason. Here are a couple good supplements that work well for me:

This product works good if you don’t have high blood pressure:
The Yohimbe and HGW work very well together. I used to take about 4 of these and it improved blood flow and libido.

Sometimes I’ll take a 1/2 tab of this:
I’ve become a light weight with this supplement - 1/2 tab works for me but normal dosage is 1-2 tabs.

You may also find these supplements through another provider. is sometimes slow. has Stamina-RX - and may have the other and they ship quickly.


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