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Hey I’m new… if I gained weight? would I gain girth?

Not at all! And you may lose length like I did! Off to the gym now!

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Originally Posted by 123
hey im new… if i gained weight? would i gain girth?

Yes, on your waistline and possibly in your cheeks.

Also - Hi!

Welcome to Thunders Place, 123.

Hello 123, welcome friend. I could only wish that girth gains were as easy as gaining weight. I bet there wouldn’t be a skinny guy left on the face of the earth if that was the case though. :)

Check out the Quickstart Guide to Manual Exercises for some techniques that will help.

Good luck and enjoy!

How can he be new but it shows a sign up date of 18 months ago.

Ive heard rumours of sumo wrestlers with girth like a tin of paint buts its just a myth like all the other it must be in proportion myths

Balrog - I’m constantly surprised by members who have been here since 2001 or 2002 who are just now starting to post. Some sign up and start PE right away, others delay a bit I guess. We have to take him at his word.


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