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If I were to jelq for hours till I get sore is it a good thing?? Will this increase my gains?

Simply, no. Pain does not equal gain with PE.

I don’t feel any pain I just get sore I just keep aplying more warm water every 15 minutes or so and it feels good

Bighappy, no, no, NO! Do you want to do some serious damage to your member? Take advice the vets here give, and start off very minimal if anything.

Originally Posted by Bighappy
I don’t feel any pain I just get sore I just keep aplying more warm water every 15 minutes or so and it feels good

It will feel good until one moment or morning when your dick will shrivel up and stop working for a while. Even if you have finished the newbie routine, hours of jelqing are overtraining, even for Superman, which I am sure you are not, even if your name is Clark Kent.

I would suggest you take a day or two break now, and start with a normal routine before you do serious damage. I know how it is, we are all in a hurry to get gains, but it doesn’t work that way. PE is not a race, let alone a 100 meter sprint; it is a marathon. So I would suggest you start thinking this way or we can expect another “Please help my dick stopped working” thread.

Take it easy, Bighappy!

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Oh ok thanks for the advice guys :0 can I clamp and jelq at the same time?

Big Happy, why don’t you go with the newbie routine for a while?

When we will discover a certain way to get gains faster, you’ll be the first who will know, I solemnly make this promise :) .

Clamping and jelqing at the same time is like the ultimate recipe for injury for a newbie. I would not recommend that. You should hold off clamping until your dick gets more conditioned/tougher otherwise you will burst bloodvessels and risk getting ugly bruises that can take a long time to get rid of. You should listen to you dick when it has had enough, remember there is always tomorrow when you can continue to build on your gains. You need to find a balance that you can keep up with for a long time(while switching up techniques once in a while). Jelquing for hours straight would probably cause a lot of fluid build-up after a while and would get ineffective.

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