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I’ve been lurking the forum for awhile now, and finally decided to sign up.

I’m really committed to PE, I actually quit smoking and drinking (huge struggle for me at 1.5 packs a day), no more caffeine.

Here’s my stats at start:
7.25 BPEL when fully erect
7.75 flaccid

I prefer to measure girth over top (it’s easier for me). And I’m at about 1.8” across.

Goal is 8.5” BPEL and 2” girth.

Thanks, noted.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

I’m sorry but am I reading it correctly that your penis is longer flaccid then erect?

Anon, are your measuring stretched flaccid? Hmmm, by your lateral girth I would say thats about 5.5-5.8 inches, so you’re good. Good luck on your goal.

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