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Hi to all

Hi to all

Hi guys.
This is my (short) story:

I’m 19 right now, but I have a bit PE experience. Two years ago, depressed after seeing my Buddy’s “little” member in a locker room after swimming, I become a bit frustrated(depressed) about my penis size, so I started surfing in search of some methods of enlarging my penis. After a while I found a site with preferred (by women) penis sizes and become depressed even more. Not too long after I found my native PE forum I started exercising(mostly jelqing and stretching). I don’t have measurements from then, but I suppose I didn’t gain much because I was awfully irregular.I think I PEed for maybe 1 month at most.

Recently(a two months ago) I restarted PEing. For the first month I only jelqed because I don’t like stretching, and then I switched for ULIs for the second month.I did everything very carefully so I avoided any serious damage. I only have measurements from a month ago and of course actual. Right now I’m experimenting with a new technique(maybe you know it very well, but I’m not done with reading everything on this site yet :P ).

I must say this is the best PE site I’ve seen. Great Job.

Just wanted to introduce myself and say good luck(and gains) to all the PEers out there.

Welcome aboard, BadMr. Good Luck to you as well.

Welcome to Thundersplace BadMr :)

What’s this site that mentions prefered penis sizes, and what size are you? Mine is 5.25” nbp. According to one women’s poll, only 1% say that is ideal. Oh well :)


Your stats look good, especially your girth. And not just in comparison to mine. You’re being a silly willy for being depressed :)


The ideal is the pinnacle. But good is still good. Maybe your size is better than good? Perhaps even perfect for a fair percentage?

Take a look at this

Currently, the average ideal for 80% of them is 6.9”


Not very impressed

I was just going through your “native” site and I have to say that the book seems full of loose ends, not really a “reliable” source if you ask me.



------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Newbie routine: Starting may 4, 2005 Starting erect length: 7.125-7.25" Starting erect girth: 6.0" Goal: 8.0" X 6.5" Feel free to check out my pics on my homepage, here's a link to my profile tommyroberts84

The site I was referring to, wasn’t the one I linked. The numbers were just similar. You may be right about it though.
Thanks for good words BiffyStiffy.
What do you think about such goals?

Short term( a few months) NBPEL 7” EG 6”
Medium term(a year or so) NBPEL 8” EG 6,5”
Long term(a few years) NBPEL 9” EG 7”

Other members may want to chime in however, I think your goals are achievable. I’m not sure if being 9 x 7 is such a good idea though. It’s probably too big for many. Although most women who would actually agree to sleeping with you will be aware of your size beforehand (according to another poll I saw), and be willing to at least try to stuff it all in. But if you fall in love with a small woman, you may not like being partially left out in the cold.


Welcome to the froum BadMr and good luck with your gains.

BiffyStiffy, is your goal really 10x3? Won’t that look a little gangly?

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Starter Pics/Clamping Pics

Originally Posted by drilla9
Welcome to the froum BadMr and good luck with your gains.

BiffyStiffy, is your goal really 10x3? Won’t that look a little gangly?


Yes, a 10’ x 3’ cannon :)


Wellcome to our forum BadMr.

I wish you good results with your exercises!


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