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Hi to all of you!

Hi to all of you!

I don’t know if this is done here but I’d like to introduce myself to you. Age 20, living in Germany :)

…And absolutely new to PE! I really hope to gain within the next months!

I will post pictures as soon as I’m allowed to!

Greetings from Europe!

Welcome HangUp,

Best place to start is by reading lots of stuff, especially in the Newbie forum about how to get started and starting routines. This process takes awhile, so don’t try to overdo everything and make it work in a week. Be patient and consistent. Oh, and have fun.

Don’t worry, it is done quite frequently. Welcome aboard and good gains to you sir!


Thank you.

When will I be allowed to post pictures? I’d love to hear what you guys (and girls? ;) ) think.

Ok, done. Thank you.

Yeah, I#m trying to become an active member. I will have 20 posts in no time. :)


Originally Posted by HangUp
Yeah, I#m trying to become an active member. I will have 20 posts in no time. :)

I expect you will HangUp, there are so many threads of interest and so many interesting people, that you will be there in no time at all. Be as active as you can, as fast as you can and you will enjoy the experience I’m sure. There are several super German members here and one residing at present in the US, who is a real treat to know. (Just keep an eye open for your national flag and you have found him). :mwink:

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