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Hi to all

He is learning proper English very quickly :p

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

No offence to you Mr, It is just all the stories and the fake pics there have been on this site. Welcome to the site and take more time with the exercises or you could really damage yourself!

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

Eheh don’t worry I already told you that I have understand what you mean and I know it was said without any will to offence ;)

Anyway is my girth as probably you could have guessed :)

It’s just shooted .. As soon as I can post into the pic’s forum I will delete them from the website and move them here.

Eheh .. I know that I just begun but I’ve already in mind what do I wish the most .. Eliminate that ugly curve and try to gain the more I can, and then try to test it with some girl willing to help science :D

I’ve already read that it could take lots of time .. But I am a really patient guy, I hope that the first results will be visible before october 2005 .. So maybe I could seek since my first day of university for that cavie .. :D

Um…yeah…that’s quite big there. Thanks for the pics. You did nothing wrong Mr21, don’t feel bad. Of course if my cock was that size anyone could say anything they wanted about me and I would just say “Ah, fuck you”….lol. We sometimes get a little carried away, then Thunder usually has to come in and do some wrist slapping (which he didn’t this time I see), and everything gets back to normal. We try to keep these instances to a minimum. Unfortunetly your timing is impecible as we just had one with a member who was under age when he first joined and claimed to be about the size you are. Of course he never provided proof. ANYWAY. Welcome to Thunder’s hope we can help you out.

You can bend your dick almost in half when erect?? Now that's impressive.


That sounds painful, lol.

Thanks for the pics.

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

Effectively yes .. It’s something like that.
When erected I can bend it really a lot. Sincerely I don’t find it a lot impressive, I would have preferred to be a little less long but straight, of course it may be funny to see but as long as you don’t have that problem you can’t understand how much is frustrating :(
My ex told me that she founds it better, I guess it was only a way to don’t demoralize me.
The fact is that until I am alone I really don’t care of it, but imagine if while you we’re trying to had sex with a girl each time you try to give her a penetration it begins to bend in all the directions .. :(
Essentially is for that that I want to correct this problem, actually I am afraid to have another girlfriend .. I know that sex isn’t all in a couple, but anytime I try to have it I feel really humiliated :(

Anyway I guess that if I cannot find a solution with “naturals” ways I will have to ask for a good surgeon for real.

Sorry, Mr21. Didn’t mean to make light of your situation. I can see where you are coming from. So you are saying that you really aren’t fully erect? If it bends in all directions is it not completely hard? Is it a form of ED? I mean I know PE has helped many men here with that. So maybe there is hope for you naturally.


Good morning, Mr21cm :leftie:
About the bent:
Did you (by chance) have a sex accident of some sort? I surely got my bent when an ex-gf was doing the wild cowgirl ride on me (and I never went to see a doctor about it => untreated injury). That’s when I got my bent.
Mine is a downbent (as yours seems to be, judging from the pictures) which is nothing else than a weakness in erection strength of the Corpora Spongiosum (well mostly). On my CS there is one space where the hardness is nearly totally diminished during an erection. This weakness is then proceeding (somewhat) down up to the glans (the head of my penis). Before this “spot” the erection is frigging hard as is the rest of my penis.
Seems I got myself a slight case of Pyronneus Disease there which is a small set of scar tissue that doesn’t expand as the rest of the CS.
Funnily that was the exact time when I developed a premature ejaculation problem, too. Of course I didn’t notice that when it was still treatable by the doctors.
Jelq’ing is supposedly a means to break down this scar tissue, thus increasing the hardness of the tissue at the bent. But it’s nothing that can be remedied in a short time.. To people’s experiences here on Thunder’s Place it takes half a year _at least_ to remedy this.
There is also the possibility of surgery to remove this scar tissue. Don’t ask me about it though since I don’t know anything on this topic :)

Good luck on your scar tissue (well, maybe).


Just concentrate on kegels, they can increase the erection strength, Do a search for it here on thunders!

Take care - I had a bend that has mended itself VERY quickly, Jelq towards the bend lightly - but don’t concentrate on trying to hard to fix the bend or you will end up making it worse. Carefully does it! Good luck!

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

Hi Mr21.

You can only edit your messages for 10 minutes after posting them. During that time you can if you want delete them, but after that thay are there for posterity unless they get deleted for some reason.

I have an idea you should be able to post your pics in the newbie forum, and then a moderator can move them to the pics thread. Give it a try anyway. If not then your usual method will have to do. A Mod will probably correct me if I’m wrong here.

Best to avoid bending it more than it’s natural bend when erect as that will only make the bend more pronoucned. Try bending in the opposite direction but only when you are half erect. But again do it carefully, and not until you have recovered from the soreness. It would be best not to masterbate until you can get a full erection. Although you could massage it gently to help you attain a full erection again

Mr 21,

I deleted all of your links. If you can figure out how to post pics on that website, you can figure out how to post them here.

Start a new thread in this forum and attach your pics. Then I’ll move the thread to the Pics forum.

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>I was thinking about that pigeon in psychology 101 again. If I were him, coming here and seeing all these requests for pics of his superb unit… what would you do? I can tell you one thing, I would not feel very comfortable.<

I agree. Of course this particular sub-culture has something of a unique persective on size claims given both the greater awareness of the statistical improbablilities, and experiences with charlatons in the past.

There are few people in the world with the huge sizes, but they are out there, and it is by no means inconceivable that they would be on this forum. It is interesting though, that when someone arrives reporting a smaller size of equal improbability to large guys, this is taken as truth without question.

Very true ss4, but nobody would lie about having a tiny penis.

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

Umm I don’t have understand all of what you written SS4Jelq .. That kind of english is still too complicated for me :D
Well anyway I’ve posted a new thread as ThunderSS told me, I think that soon all of you will be able to see me and more important I hope that soon I will show you some increment (at least I hope .).

For now I’ll continue with the program for newbies as indicated into the FAQs, maybe between some weeks I could ask for more precisions on how to create a own plan .. But for now I still am not ready for that, the first seance have already be a lot traumatic, I guess it will be a sort of lesson for me :) .

Mr21’s pics are now downloaded in the Pic Section. Since he may not be able to access comments yet because of his Newbie status, here is what I said to him there:

“I can’t see where the bend you talk about is located from the pics, but congrats for being able to get the photos on the board. I would say that if sex is not uncomfortable and the women you have been with are not in any way bothered or even enjoy the bend, don’t even worry about it.

You certainly have girth, Mr21, and length if I am calculating the centimeters correctly. If you want to enlarge that thing (why, I cannot even speculate) :) read the Newbie Routines which are accessible to you now as a newbie even if you cannot see your own pics in the members’ forums yet. Pick a Newbie Routine that meets your own lifestyle schedules and start with that. I am sure you will get a lot of help here along the way from our many guys who are experienced at PE.”




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