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hi question about measuring...

hi question about measuring...

Hey, this is my 1st post and i want to do ALOT of reading before i start this. But what i wanna know first off is exactly how to measure, may sound dumb but i want to get it right.

does anyone have an illustration or something, no real photos lol!

and another thing, my penus bends upwards slightly, do i measure on the curve?

thanks in advance!

anyone help me plz?


Measuring is simple. Before you start PE you need to take 2 important measurements - bone pressed erect length (BPEL) and erect girth (EG).

To measure BPEL - achieve a full erection, stand or sit down (I prefer to stand) then straighten your willie with you hand and put perpendicular to your body. Then take a ruler and press it hard to your pubic bone and above your shaft (you can do it slightly on the side if it’s more convenient) then read the measurement.

To measure EG - take a string, wrap it around your shaft in the middle and see how it measures against the ruler.

By the way, don’t write in lower case since it’s against the rules on this forum.

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Look in the members pictures some of them are with rulers. measure from the top and press the ruler to the bone

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Thanks alot, ok will keep that in mind.


Welcome to Thunder’s. I have only been here for a couple of weeks but have learn so much by reading everything I can. Start here and you will NOT be dissappointed:

START HERE —> Most Important Newbie Threads/Info

A Newbie Primer and Newbie Routine are the most helpful to start with. Again, welcome and happy gaining.


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