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Hi, please welcome me

Hi, please welcome me

I’m new to this forum, but not at all new to PE as you can read on my website:
<link deleted>

I have spent 1000’s of $ on penis enlargement and in the end I did manage to succeed but I hope you guys will learn from my experience

I’m glad to be here as part of the community once again =)

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Please read the forum guildlines. This is not the appropriate place for advertising. Also, most of the more experienced guys on this forum believe that the pills are crap.

Assuming you’re still interested in being a member, welcome to the forum.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

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Welcome to the forum, there’s a bin at the door for your pills.

OK, if you insist, welcome!

uhhh… but I think “GoodBye!” might be more appropriate.



Damn, they must have invented pills that make 6 inches in 30 days instead of the less powerful 4 inches in 6 weeks.

Welcome aboard….. whoops too late, you left.

Welcome. You have found the place that will help you more than any pay site ever could. These guys and gals know their stuff.

Do good things.



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