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hi people

hi people

I’ve been PEing from 7th of september.The first 4 weeks i saw great gains in lenght (as I wanted) and a little girth.But from then I barerly see any gains( I’m not sure but sometime i can see few melimeters longer or thicker dick).My routine is the same.What should I do - change my routine, increase the intensity of my current one or what?Any sugestions will do.Thank you

You have made some normal newbie gains, but don’t expect to gain that fast all the time. Otherwise, we would all be sporting 10 inch cocks.

Hard to advise you what to do when you don’t tell us what you are doing now, but it wouldn’t hurt to continue with your current program for another month, just to get you out of newbie status and fully condition your cock.

Some of your gains may be due to swelling and loosening of the tissues. You might want, as gp has suggested, to continue doing your current routine for another month or two, just to make sure those initial gains are cemented, and make sure that you are definately not gaining on that routine anymore.

Once you’ve done that, you can try to identify why it’s stopped working. Maybe experiment by upping the intensity, or by adding a new exercise. It would be wise to take things slowly, and think of a routine to stick by for at least a month before deciding to keep it up, discard, or alter it again (so you can truly see if it’s having an effect)

So my curent routine is:

- 5mins warm up with shower

- 10x 1mins inverted v-stretches,5-10 inverted v-stretches a- stretch (just like in the videos)

- at the begining 10, but now 25-30 mins jelq

- warm up under the hot water with 50 5sec kegels

2 days on 1 day off

I’ve chosen this kind of routine cause my LOT is very low, so I should attack the tunica.

I think that this is very good routine for newbies.At the begining it was very hard for me - my dick got sore, it was extremely “tired” and I didn’t masturbate cause I couldn’t because of these exercises.But now I have really hard erections and a very “muscular” penis:)

About the loosening the tissues I think that you’re right, cause after the first few days my penis was longer in flaccid size (not harder or thicker, but longer).How I could be sure that if one day I stop PEing it would go back to “normal”? And the second question:So I should stay on my curent routine, right?

Yes, that is a great routine and I would stick with it a while longer. I would say your progress is right on track and you are building an excellent base to grow from.

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