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Hi Newbie Questionstory Regarding Jelqkegal Sensations

Hi Newbie Questionstory Regarding Jelqkegal Sensations

Hi guys well after lurking around here for a while reading of improvements I decided to give it a go last night..

Little about myself first,,

During my last relationship my girlfriend pestered me about measuring me, which I put off for months but finally after a few beers one day I let her do it, and she suprised me with the measurements.. She measured me at 7.5 BPEL and 5.5 EG, she actually said to me she thought it was an 8’er, she did measure along the curve rather then a straight tape measure so it’s a little smaller then that from correct measurements I guess !!

Was happy with results..

I measured myself and got the same results later that night.
A year later after the split I measured again and seem to have lost some I get 7 along the curve at a push now(ill go with measuring along the curve just for my own purposes.) and just over 5 in girth,

Now I’m sure this is probably due to depression(stupid SAD), poor circulation and lack or regular sex. Seem to be having problems getting a correct erection by myself (for measuring or porn) still enough to masterbate, but there’s a little give in it rather then a ROCK solid erection. Guess I’ve been over doing it with porn tho and getting insensative to it..

I decided to start jelqing just to see if I can get my previous measurements back and improve erection quality..

I decided to do kegals first and have been doing them for a few weeks and last night decided to start my jelqs

I decided to start with a very light/easy routine to start with

10 min in hot shower

1 stretch each way 30 each second stretch (up,down,left,right)

Then around 20 3-4 sec jelqs

Follwed by a 5 min warm down in hot shower..

If felt rather uncomfortable which is understandable and I was getting what felt like little prickly pains on the inside-underside of my penis, not a bad pain but stopped after around 10 jelqs and thought id ask on here..

Does that sound like a normal sensation?? Or is my grip to hard, I could feel blood being pushed to the end of my penis with each jelq so I’m guessing my technique was ok, but worrying about the grip..

Also regarding kegals, anyone else notice there kegals muscles start twitching after a session of kegals (anywhere from an hour to 6 hours after exercises)

Look forward to your replies guys.

Hi PT and welcome to the Forum!

You are probably overdoing the grip when jelqing. You should not have pain whilst doing the exercises. A pulling sensation yes. So you need to cut down somewhat on the grip, otherwise you will tend to blisters or red dots on your penis.

Feeling sensations a while after kegals is simply due to the muscles being used. Pparticularly if you have just started doing them. It is rather like have crampng feelings when you start weight training. It is just a reflex action which will or should disappear as you work into the routines.

If the kegals do start to hurt after use; then ease off for a coupe of days and try again but reduce the number of kegals you do

Good luck in your routines and goals.


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You’ll probably get different advice from people on here, but here goes.

If you’re getting discoloration or ‘prickly’ feeling, your grip is too firm on your jelq. Most likely you’re getting the prickly sensation on the underside near the upper portion of the shaft, near the head of your penis. This means you’re doing it ‘right’, except you need to very slightly loosen your grip as you proceed forward down the shaft.

I’ve gotten better results by ensuring that I have a ‘pump’, with no/little ‘slack’, on the initial base grip of a jelq, HOWEVER this also means that you’re putting more pressure as you proceed down the shaft, so you need to very lightly loosen your grip as you jelq. Since I kegel into every jelq I adjust the grip firmness per jelq, versus going for ‘consistency’ of pressure. This jelqing technique has also almost eliminated the “baseball effect” I used to get, and also ensures that I’m paying attention to what I’m doing instead of going through the motions.

Note: After doing the ‘newbie’ routine for 2 months to re acclimate my penis to PE (2+ year PE’er with 8+ mos off), I can now workout 6 or 7 days a week, taking days off when needed. I get zero discoloration or soreness. For me low intensity, high frequency workouts do the trick.

Posting 'newbie' but 2+ year lurker and PEer.

Start: ~6" BPEL, ~5" MSEG (If I remember correctly) Now: 7.25" BPEL, 5.25" MSEG (After an 8 month break) GOAL: I'll be finished when I'm done.

*** ALWAYS mind your PI's and EQ's :) *** PE takes knowledge, time, and commitment. If you can't do that, you can't PE. ***

Thank you for both your replys. Well that was my first session of jelqing and I thought it would be better to stop in risk of injury. Ill try with a lighter grip in future

As for the kegals been doing them 2 weeks maybe 3, it’s not a pain I’m experiencing it’s like a twitch or a muscle spasm down there lasts for a few seconds and then dissapears.. I’m guessing it’s just cause the muscles being used in a way it never been used before

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