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Hi, newbie here and a Question

Hi, newbie here and a Question

First off great forum lots of great info. Ive been practicing PE for the last couple years on and off. I used to just jelq and do horses before I knew about this site,I just started manual streching and it seems to work great. One thing I would like to find out is if there are any tecniques that can be used to gain a firm non slip grip while streching.Currently I take a hot shower and at the end cup my hand around my penis to gather water while slowly streching.Then get out dry off etc. At this time my hands and penis have the perfect coefficient of grip (if you can put it that way) to pull for however long I want without slipping.The problem is during the day I try pulling for a few minutes whenever I have a chance mostly while urinating. Are there any ways to Get a good grip when your not in full Streching mode like after a shower.


Hi frank nice to meet you,

When I do stretches I use a bit of t-shirt material to provide a good grip (just a small square), that would fit in a pocket. There are guys here that use washing up/latex gloves - maybe you could cut out a square or keep a small strip of theraband with you. Other guys use talc, I would think that would be difficult to use unless its your bathroom :)

Yes to the tshirt material

Hey FF,

I followed Memento’s advice on the t-shirt material around the shaft and find that it reduces almost completely any skin discomfort I experience from the stretch, so that the only thing I’m feeling is the stretch itself.

A question for you though, stretching while you urinate? Do you mean actually stretching AT THE SAME TIME you’re peeing? If so, how does this work and what are the benefits? Or do you just mean that while you’re penis is out to piss, you might as well also stretch before/after?

Nice to meet you.

I think before or after is likely to be less messy :D Its just a way some guys get in extra pulling time at work or wherever.

Naw, I figure its out so make the most of my time pull before and after a bit.

Ive found myself that its too akward using something for a grip(thinking off talc or something along those lines).ive tried t-shirts boxers towels and they just dont feel right.


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