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Hi, new here

Hi, new here

Hi guys, I just joined this site a few days ago.I actually started PEing few months back but stopped after a week, guess I wasn’t that motivated. But now I’m ready to try the routine out and see if it works:) I measured myself out, although it’s difficult since I have a curve down(n-curve), so I noticed that if I force it straight out, it’s shorter than when I let it hang.anyonw experience this??
Anyway my stats are:

7.8” NBPEL but if I straighten it out: ~7” NBPEL
4.8” EG

4.75” Fl
3.8” FG

So I really don’t know which length is correct, cos ther’e quite a big difference.

Thanks, I guess you’re right, I shouldn’t straighten it when measuring. I don’t really know how you take the BPEL, do you measure it from the side and push all the way or on top and push it all the way?

Which ever way to plan on measuring just make sure you are consistent. If you measure on top , then measure on top every time. If you measure a bit to the side, then do it that way every time.




Push in on the top as far as you can.

Record measurement.


Good Luck!

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take some pics!!!

Make sure you take some pics before you start some real PEing. If you have PD, which I’m not sure you do, it would be very meaningful to have that reference point.

good luck,


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