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HI. new guy with some questions

HI. new guy with some questions

I just found this site and started jelqing today and have some questions.

First of all, I need to know that I am jelqing correctly.

The only issue I am having so far is that if I start too low on my shaft I end up tugging on all of the skin in the surrounding fat pad/

The fat pad skin then kinda get ‘pulled up’ as I jelq which can be rather uncomfortable but not painful.

Is this considered normal?

Should I start jelqing a little higher on my shaft?

Any advice would be welcome :)

Start your jelq at the base not the shaft.

The skin stretching issue is not uncommon. Many of the exercises you’ll likely do will cause skin stretching, which some dislike, but some don’t mind. I’ve found that when jelqing, if skin stretching is something you want to avoid, you can use your non-jelqing hand to hold back the skin at the pad, thus mitigating the skin stretch. Just use whichever hand isn’t engaged in the jelq to make an inverted “V” with two fingers and place it behind the jelq hand to hold the base skin in place. This will mean starting your jelq slightly away from the absolute base, but then again, life is a series of compromises.

Good luck.


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Use plenty of lube. That will give you less friction and the skin won’t bundle up on you:)

You can also try to retract the skin before each stroke.

The vast majority of guys end up shaving their trout which makes a big difference.

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