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Hi New Guy here..

Hi New Guy here..

Been reading for a while, once I registered low and behold I saw a bunch of new forums pop up. Any how Im thinking about starting the newbie routine this week. I viewed the how to’s and such. Im hoping I can get something out of this. I think my current GF who I love to death would like it much better. We both care about eachother tons and this isnt going to break the relation ship, but I think it would help it. Some people she was with in the past were a bit bigger.
I was wondering if someone gains muscle weight easily at the gym… is there any correlation to gaining girth or length?

Thanks… I will check for results in around 6 weeks or so.


Welcome to thunders and good luck with some gains. I can’t say that someone who gains at the gym easy will gain here but I think it does help in a way that you already know how to work out and what a commitment to getting results is.

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Yup, if you are capable of hitting the gym regularly enough to pack on muscle there, then you’re probably well equipped, psychologically, to stick to the PE thing until you see gains.


Welcome to Thunder’s Gym, t_dubb, it’s not your regular gym mind you, but there are a lot of very big ‘fit’ gentlemen here, no, I’m not one of them, unfortunately :cry: .

There are also some very ‘fit’ ladies here and they are all awfully nice, in every way. I know them all personally of course :noreally: , but I wish I did!.

You will find that everyone has time here, for everyone else. There aren’t any shower facilities though, btw, that’s the only thing.

Welcome to Thunder’s t_dubb!!! Good luck with the routine. Although, I wouldn’t try it at the gym.

Go figure, a newbie that reads!!! There is hope, Thunder!


I guess if you gain muscle easily in the gym you must have pretty good levels of testosterone and HGH (human growth hormone).

I hope those two should be beneficial to PE but i don’t know for sure.

Good luck :)


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