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Hi My Routine

Hi My Routine

Hi I just joined PE and here are my routines

Hot warp 5 min
Stretching 5 min
Dry Jelqs 10 min
Hot Warp 5 min
Kegal hold

I would like to ask when I do stretching I feel my skin at the pubic hair area being stretched as well . Am I doing it correctly? Esp when I stretch downwards. Am I supposed to put the foreskin back then stretch? If I do that I dun get any burning or stretching feeling..

Also I dun take any pills. Will I still be able to make gains?


When I stretch my pubic hair area gets stretched too a little. Make sure that you stretch the inner penis, a little skin stretch is very common. This is ok, imagine when your penis gets enlarged but your skin not. This would have been an uncomfortable situation.

Pulling the foreskin back isn’t required but advised by many.

The only thing pills do is emptying your wallet, nothing else.

Thanks Bird.. One more question where should I feel the stretch? Also can you describe to me the feeling when you stretch? Also this Newbie Routine Should be performed once a day? After the workout am I supposed to feel pain? I do feel a lil pain though but not that extreme.


Many people report that they feel the stretch in the ligs, at the base of their penis. For me that doesn’t exactly counts, I hardly feel a thing when I regularly stretch. This probably comes because I do PE for over 1.5 years, I have gotten used to it and stop noticing the feelings. I still feel in advanced stretches though, but it is way to early for you to start those.

Yes, do the newbie routine once a day.

After the workout you shouldn’t feel pain. A little soreness, the same kind that you get after a good workout in the gym is ok but pain isn’t.

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