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Hi! I'm new to jelqing

Hi! I'm new to jelqing

Just one question though, do you think it would be safe for me (I’m 21) to start?

Genetics failed me and:

flaccid : 2.1 inches
erect: 4.5 inches
girth: 5 inches

I’m being positive and don’t want to aim high (like getting 4 inches) an inch would be feasible enough. Hope all of you can help me out.

I think it would be safe as long as you don’t over do it and listen and learn what you need to know. There are some great visuals in the tutorial that can guide you as well as threads to tell you do’s and don’t. But I guess you know this. :)

Welcome aboard.

Your goal seems reasonable, but you could always aim for an inch at a time. Good luck and happy gains.

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I think (and it’s only an opinion) that it would be ok for you to start now. I think there are some guys here younger than you are.

I think the Home Depot slogan, “You can do it. We can help” sums this place up nicely.

Here’s the condensed version of everything I’ve learned: Read everything you can. Twice. Don’t be afraid to ask questions (but use the search function first). Get a good set of pre-PE measurements including bone-pressed erect length. If you use a cloth tape for girth measurements, make sure it’s accurate (some aren’t). Consider taking “before” photos.

Check out the newbie routine. Like Anna said, don’t overdo it, listen to your body. Pain does not equal gain. Warmups & rest days are very important. Don’t try any advanced techniques for at least 2 or 3 months. Strongly consider an ADS (all day stretch) of some sort. Make a Captn’s Wench or buy a Bib Starter & begin hanging after about 2 months.

Good luck!


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You want the most important newbie threads, found in the newbie forum. Essential and plentiful reading.

Other than that Anna and RBM iterate an important concept, listening to your body. Read up as much as you can, practise the techniques, tweaking them to work better for you and soon it’ll all be easy.

At 21 you’re at a good age to start I would say. There’s a definate lower limit, but starting early means you have the chance to enjoy the results for longer.

Hey and welcome aboard…

Best thing to do would be to start out with a week of 10 minutes of jelqing (I recommend you start out “wet” and lube with vaseline) and about 10 minutes of stretching. If you are unable to do an A-stretch, then try to set your goals to do that stretch eventually. The reason why I say that is because, at first I was not able to do that stretch, but after a while my penis expanded and felt like a stretched out rubber band (as opposed to a tense one).

After the first week, if you feel comfertable enough, go with a more intense routine… 15 min jelq + 15 min stretch.

Do this a bit longer and two weeks try to make the jump for 25-30 min each.

Keep consistent with 5 days on, 2 off and you *should* notice a difference in the right direction after about 7 weeks (some take sooner, some take later). Good Luck!

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I tended to overdo it at first, so let me explain why you shouldn’t.

To expand the penis, you need to produce forces that it isn’t normally exposed to.

The penis has many different type of tissues in it. Some will fail (read injury) before others.

Some of the weaker tissues in the penis are blood and lymphatic vessels. These need time to slowly get stronger. As they get stronger you can then start to safely produce the pressures needed to begin to expand the other tissues of the penis.

Start easy, give yourself a few weeks of conditioning. When you up the pressures used, always do it gradually and see what kind of effect it is having.

Better to take some extra time and do it safely than risk an injury that can set you back for months…or permanently!


Thanks, I’ll keep all you tips in mind. The last think I want to have is a broken equipment. TY

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