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Hi I'm new and wondering whether to combine techniques please help

Hi I'm new and wondering whether to combine techniques please help

I’m totally new to pe’ing, I have tried pumps, and pills and stretchers. I thought I saw some gains but only around .2 of an inch, I’m now about to begin a jelging routine, though I’ve read that is beneficial to stretch as well as jelq? So my questions is should I stretch as a warm up to jelqing? And would wearing a penis stretching device be just as sufficient as stretching exercises? Because I figured I could were the penis stretcher for long periods of the day and do a jelqing routine as well? Also is the warm wrap necessary or just relaxing and soothing? I will measure and photograph and hopefully see if this can work for me, but please any suggestions are welcome cheers

So you’re not totally new to PE because pumps and stretchers are a major part of PE and pills are a rip off:) . To answer your question wearing a penis stretcher will be better than manual stretching some guys may disagree with that but I don’t know too many guys that can hold a manual stretch for hours at a time and you can do that with a device. A warm up is a good thing but not something I do but if you have the time it can only help, before I jelq I warm up by just getting the blood flowing with sort of a rub down of my penis. Good luck and welcome to the forum.

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1. I think it is a good idea to stretch, although not because it is a “warm up to jelqing”. I think a warm up is a good idea using something like a heat pad or rice sock, but I see stretching as complementary to jelqiing, not just a warm up to it.

2. In my opinion, wearing a penis stretching device is not the same as the stretching exercises in something like the Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine . Force levels and vectors are considerably different.

3. With all that said, you could wear the penis stretcher for long periods of the day and do a jelqing routine as well. Nobody’s stopping you. You could wear the penis stretcher. You could just jelq and never use stretching as part of your routine. You could stretch and jelq, AND wear the penis stretcher before, after or both. (During would be difficult.)

4. Opinions vary on how necessary the warm wrap is. The strict answer is no, it is not necessary. Men have gained without them. However, it might be beneficial. Only you can say how beneficial, but the general idea is that heat makes tissues more elastic, and thus more able to stretch and grow without damage.

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Thanks for the help guys

Hey thanks for the quick replies, if I do say 5days on 1 day off would that not be more beneficial? Or do you need 1 days rest after every 2days working it? And I know penis pills don’t enlarge the penis on there own, though they do increase the amount of blood flow to the penis temporarily, so wouldn’t pills help the jelqing process as more blood being pumped to the penis means faster healing, and bigger results? Thanks again

Rest days are beneficial because it gives your time to heal and it is on these days that the penis grows. Try a 3 day on 1 day off routine since you are ‘new’ to PE.

I don’t know much about penis pills. But they do aid in the circulation of the blood to the penis.

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