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Hi, Im another fresh, brand NEWbie, help me out please

Hi, Im another fresh, brand NEWbie, help me out please

Hey everyone,
I found this site and its a miracle, Thunder, I love you ……in a purely heterosexual way.

Anyhow, My dick is around 6” long erect and about 4” wide erect. I have an inferiority complex and depression w/ social anxiety which i take zoloft for. You know that old spice ad “Guys think about women every 5.3 seconds?” Well for me, the next part of the ad if it was my life would be “And Will thinks about his small penis size every 5.4 seconds”. I mean I dont think im that small according to definition, but all that runs through my head all day is that I am so small. LUCKILY I FOUND THIS GREAT SITE, SO THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN.

So I want to be AT LEAST 8” long erect and hopefully around 6” wide erect, and I also want to make my head big, its not as big as id like it to be. Also, i dont know if its possible, but my dick sorta twists a little so the head is a little turned to the right, please understand my shaft and head are straight as an arrow, but the head is just a little twisted, like the line on the bottom of my dick isnt straight, it curves a bit. can i fix this some how?

i know this has been asked before but how should i start? i cant hang because everyone is always around, so i just want to do “bathroom exercises” with stretching and jelqing? also do you guys recommend starting off by using that powerjelq machine? So basically, please give me the most succesful routines suggestions .

I have 100% faith in what you guys are advocating and practicing, which is why i took the time to share my personal story with you guys, which is really a big step for me since i am so mentally hurt.

I know its a lot of questions, and im sorry for typing so much, but id really appreciate the help and thanks alot guys. YOU RULE!

Welcome !!

Hey BWS,

Welcome aboard ! First thing you need to do is read, read, and follow that up with some reading. Don’t depend on us to tell you the best routine, read and learn for yourself, what will work the best for you!

50% of this whole PE thing is learning about your cock and what works for it. So the more you know and understand the better your gains will be. As for how much you can gain, will the slight twist be able to be helped, those are things that are up to you. So start reading/learning and then you can answer some of your own questions Those that you can’t find answers for, post them and we will attempt to help you find an answer.

Best of luck with your program.

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4” WIDE!!!! AND YOU WANT TO BE 6” !!!!

I’m sure you mean girth…not width :chuckle:


oh yeah

oh yeah, i mean 4” girth.

Ok so then i just have two questions left:

is it better to start with the power jelq device, or just manual jelqing and stretching?

and, did anyone else have the same head problem as me, where its a little turned to one side?

thanks again.

SORRY i forgot to add...

Hi again,
im sorry but i forgot to add this:

where are all the different techniques located?

i searched under a few terms, but i couldnt find them, so basically, is there a thread that tells the stretching, uli, and jelqing techniques and how to do them?

thanks very much.


Click on the grey “PE Glossary & FAQ” link that can be found at the bottom of every forum page.

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